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I recently read from one of those daily inspirational emails I receive that, “Reality is only a brief moment in time that you keep repeating.”  That sentiment struck me as profound given our current state of affairs in the job market.  Let’s face it, the reality is that it’s not getting better and the more we focus on how bad the economy or job crises is, the worse it seems to get.  You don’t have to follow the same rules when it comes to your own feelings about your job search. Thoughts of job gloom bring more job doom, so why fall into that trap?  If reality is truly only a brief moment that you keep repeating, why not choose to repeat the good things and not those that don’t produce the results you want and that make you happy?  Oh, if it were only that simple.  Well, it is!

What you want from your job and your career is very personal even if you think it’s dictated by your boss or by one of your clients.  You get what you put out there and so, if you believe that your job is hopeless, that no one is calling you for business or you can’t get that promotion you’ve longed for, stop, think about what you are putting out there and change your thoughts to match your desires.  Your motivation and focus is all you need to create the job reality you really want.

Living in past regrets of should of, would of, could of won’t help you solve for what’s really not working in your current career situation.  Creating the environment you want to have and living it now will create the outcome you really seek.  So how does that work exactly?  Here are a few ways to create your job reality even if you think it’s a long way off or next to impossible.

  1.  Create Your Job Vision Board Just like you would create a road map or plan for anything you are looking to build, your career should hold no exception.  Creating a true “vision” of what you want from your career down to the physical space, title, salary, duties, etc. will help make it easier for you to realize if your current job reality is meeting your expectations or not.  Visualize what you want and wait for the rest of the world to catch up.
  2. CHANGE   Small steps lead to big results.  Even if it’s changing the way you commute to and from work to any routine you have been doing for years on end, changing it up one step at a time gets you out of a rut and helps you to be open to the new opportunities that await you.
  3. Meditate Yes for all of those nay-sayer’s out there, I’m not asking you join an Ashram, but spending a little quality time with yourself and focusing on what really floats you will help you create the reality you want from your job or any other part of your life.  Feeling what you want creates the reality of getting what you want so finding that quiet space within will help you create the grander space that becomes your reality.

Forming your vision creates the job reality you want and will guide you there even when you least expect it.  If you believe that reality is ever-changing and you are able to change the results by what you put out there by thought and by action than creating the job reality you want becomes easy and yes, absolutely possible.  Stretch that intuitive muscle a bit and see what the Universe is waiting to bring you.

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