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5 Ways To Negotiate A Job Offer or Raise….

Whether you need to sharpen your skills to negotiate a job offer, a promotion or a raise, knowing how to ask for what you want may not come easy for some. You may have learned from an early age the best way to ask for what you want came when you completed a chore or […]

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3 Reasons It’s Time To Quit Your Job…

We all have those days when we just think we can’t take any more criticism, phone into one more conference call or just make that endless drive into the office. It’s not that you have any issue with working it’s just that you didn’t sign up for the nonsense that has become your every day […]

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5 Things That Drive A Recruiter Crazy…

When it comes to making a good first impression do you tend to “over compensate” and push too hard? Listen it’s hard to know how you should behave to a total stranger especially one who has the power to get you your next job. Knowing how to act and knowing what drives recruiters crazy is […]

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26 July, 2014 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
Tats & Views…

So you think everyone has a keen appreciation for the multi-colored art you have displayed on your inner thigh or your forearm? It’s not like anyone would dare say a nasty comment about the word “Mother” tattooed on your hand? When it comes to art what do people know anyway. Judged or be judged? Not […]

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Interviewing For Your Job…

It might provide some peace of mind when you think you have it all and that you are nice and comfy in your current job with nothing to worry about. Just because you get a steady paycheck, have been temping in a job for a year or more or are liked by the powers that […]

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7 Things NOT To Do In An Interview…

Well you got the call and you are finally set up to meet with a team of people at the company you’ve been dying to work for. Maybe you just lost your job, maybe you quit unexpectedly because you could not take it, or, like some you keep knocking on every door hoping someone will […]

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