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5 Things You Don’t Say To A Job Candidate

Some of you may not always be in the interview seat and may actually be the one interviewing a prospective candidate. Whether you are doing it as a favor to a friend or are a recruiter, or someone asked you to keep an applicant company while they are being shuffled from one interview to another, […]

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How To Become A Stealth Job Seeker?

As of June the current unemployment rate in the US is 5.5%. That is a marked improvement from two years ago. So what does that actually mean to you? If you are just graduating, ready to make a job change or just kicking the tires to see what’s out there, the good news is there […]

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Work Harder For Less?

Maybe the concept of work no longer has the same appeal as it did when you walked down the aisle to accept that ribbon glad diploma. You may still dream of the day when you land the job of your dreams or can start your own business where the thought of work still excites you. […]

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10 Over Used Resume Phrases …

If it’s times to update the resume because you are getting call after call to audition for your next big job, you might want to give some meaningful thought into the words you choose to express yourself. It might feel great when you get the call and they want to set you up for an […]

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28 June, 2015 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
Setting Job Expectations …

Like anything you want or try out for the first time, setting your expectations might help you stave off any disappointment in the future. It’s not like you have to lower the bar or anything, to get what you want. But realizing that you may not always get what you want WHEN you want it […]

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Your Job Inside Out….

When you feel like your emotions are getting the better of you and the voices inside your head are screaming, “Stay in Your Job” or “Get Out Now!” you may start to feel like one of those imaginary characters in the Disney/Pixar movie “Inside Out.” It’s not that the voices in your head are keeping […]

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