26 January, 2015 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
Consciously Uncouple Your Job …

When you know it’s time to move on from your current job how prepared are you? Are you ready for the changes you know are inevitable whether leaving your job is your choice or that of your company? It does not matter whether you are dying to leave or are being forced out by a […]

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18 January, 2015 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
Stress For Success- Your Job Search Under Attack….

We all know stress is not good for you or anyone else for that matter. But what if you could use it for your benefit? What if stress were your friend? If you could harness the energy that comes from the nervous knot in your stomach, you might be able to use it to your […]

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12 January, 2015 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
2015 New Years’ Job Re-SOUL-ution….

We are all given the opportunity to hit the reset button and start over again as each New Year is upon us. No matter where you are in your life there are people or situations you can probably do without if you are truly being honest with yourself. It’s not that you are being asked […]

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5 January, 2015 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
Your 2015 Job Makeover Checklist….

Well there is no getting around the idea of pulling together a plan for the New Year whether you call it a resolution, a wish list or a job makeover. We all need a little motivation sometimes even a big shove to get things moving in the right direction. Procrastination coming out of the holiday […]

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29 December, 2014 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
2014: Your Job Year In Review….

When you look back on your job and the work you’ve put into it this past year what comes to mind? Do you feel you have made progress whether you were trying to advance in your current career or in your effort to find a new job? What did you learn this past year and […]

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22 December, 2014 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
A Few Of Our Favorite Things …..

The holiday season brings about many gifts those of friends, family and silent reflection on holidays past. When you think back on all that you have received in your life how do you feel? Are you filled with fear, anxiety, hope or gratitude? You may be afraid of what the New Year has in store […]

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