15 December, 2014 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
Figuring It Out….

Sometimes the choices seem obvious other times you are confused with what road seems likely to lead to success. You may not have all the answers but sometimes the process of figuring it out will lead to some remarkable results. You may have been at the same job for sometime thinking this is my path […]

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8 December, 2014 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
Job Holiday Hustle ….

Running around, following the crowd, jumping in and out of lines and burning it on either side and in the middle may feel like the right thing to do during the holiday season but what ever happened to just kick back and relax? You may be feeling the pressure now more than ever as you […]

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1 December, 2014 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
Career Uncertainty…

Everyone feels uncertain from time to time. You have pressure from every direction and the voices in your head are not helping you get any closer to figuring out what you really want. The holiday will herald even more family pressure as you hear your aunt tell you how great your cousin is doing in […]

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25 November, 2014 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
Black Friday Job Search ….

Finding the time in your busy schedule to accomplish the things that are important to you should not make you feel guilty. You are likely being pulled in many directions during this holiday season but that should not mean you give up on your job search and finding an opportunity that is right for you. […]

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17 November, 2014 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
10 Things To Be Thankful for this Holiday…..

When you think about the past year what are you most grateful for? Are you grateful for the job you have or the one you expect will come? Are you still wishing for something big and wonderful to come into your life? Opportunities abound and the future lay bright and sunny but do you ever […]

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10 November, 2014 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
3 Tips To Harvest Your Career…..

You may think that you should be relaxing and not worrying about your job search at a time when Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. It’s not that you are lazy and think you should take some time off but knowing how to use the down time associated with the holidays is a […]

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