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Kill The Messenger…

Finding yourself in a political dilemma at work? Are you feeling like you don’t know who to trust let alone open up to? If you find yourself sitting on some news you need to share with a co-worker or boss but you don’t know how or where to start remember, you are always playing a […]

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All Employees NOT Created Equal…

Many successful companies today are getting away from creating a hierarchy based on position, title and reporting structure. You may think this innovative approach at organizational redesign is a creative way at leveling the employee population and maintaining the focus on the work and not on individual contributions. As much as this seems like a […]

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13 October, 2014 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
Inside Job…

Your job search may feel like a hired hit, when you’ve got your target in sight but you wind up being the victim in your own game of kill or be killed. It’s not like you are the star in a Scorsese flick, but it sure feels like you will need more than a little […]

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What NOT To Wear To Your Interview….

Dressing for success may be an overused term these days but knowing how to physically show up for an interview is as important as what is on your resume. Having the ability to know the corporate culture and environment of a workplace also helps you figure out what to wear when you are called for […]

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29 September, 2014 - Posted by lisakaye Share/Save/Bookmark
Two Words: Google Yourself!

You may think you know who you are and how you come across to others. You’ve built a great reputation in the industry and have many unsolicited Linked In endorsements to your credit. You are often asked to speak at industry events, offered great assignments at work and let’s just say you are considered a […]

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5 Things To Ask BEFORE You Accept The Job…..

We all want to make the best decision when it comes to our career choice that sometimes we are willing to overlook the obvious. In our excitement and sheer delight, we accept any and all conditions of employment as part of the job offer without hesitation. This is not a one-sided negotiation. When it comes […]

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