Stranger Things and Your Job

unknownYou may have woken up in the morning thinking I can’t take do another day at that same old job. You may not think you have options. You may think you need time to figure it out. Maybe if someone would just present you with a few choices you would know what to do? It might seem like you can’t stand another day in the office or maybe you have resigned yourself to the fact that you can coast for as long as it takes or until you retire, or get fired, or have a chance encounter that will forever change the course of your career.

You may be feeling the effects of an uncertain future with our politics in disarray, lack of clarity about job growth and where you fit into the new world order. You may never in your wildest dreams have thought you’d be in this situation and that you’d be wondering how the bigger world would affect your smaller one. It’s a strange time indeed. How you figure out your next move maybe daunting but it does not mean you should stand still and become paralyzed. You are not alone in feeling like you woke up and landed on another planet and you have no idea whether it’s safe to breath the air without the necessary head gear.

If it’s any consolation and as my wise mother would always say, “This too shall pass.” It may take awhile but nonetheless there is a proverbial light at the end of your career tunnel. How do you manage the chaos and uncertainty when you are not quite sure where you fit into the grand scheme of things on the world stage? It comes down to a matter of timing and focus. Knowing what you want and where you want to be in the next five years will help. You don’t need to be concerned or even particularly focused on the details. The details are not important when you are trying to figure out the big picture and long view approach to your career regardless of what happens to you on a day-to-day basis. Distraction of any kind is a lethal danger to your ability to stay the course and remained focused.

Staying focused on the end game means you don’t get side tracked on the small bumps in the road along the way to achieving your career goals. When you know the time is right to make a move nothing will stop you from moving forward. You need to know how to trust that process and not force a decision even if you think it’s the right one in the moment. Making sure you are clear on the approach means you have a big picture idea of what you want and not necessarily on all the small steps along the way to ensure you are going to get it. Trusting in the process of “unfolding” and allowing it to happen when it’s suppose to means you are staying focused on the ultimate outcome and not on the gory details.

When you think there are stranger things occurring than how you will manage your next job progression, think again. You are on the right track so long as you don’t spend too much time on self-doubt and confuse yourself at every turn.




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