Buyer’s Remorse-Not The Job You Wanted

imagesYou may have been the most excited person on the planet when you accepted the new job, or the promotion, or the chance to accept a new assignment. Without so much as a second thought you were all to glad to say “Yes!” and leap into the new opportunity like a kid on the first day of school. Excitement has a way of blinding you to the starry eyed glow that can make everything around you seem like you are in a dream. You may think nothing can be better than this until one day you walk into the office to see your work- world may not be as rosy as you once thought.

What do you do when buyer’s remorse sets in? It may take years, months or for some it can happen during your orientation period, but when do you know the good thing you thought was happening to you may not be as good? Everyone gets caught up in the moment whether it’s a new job, a new relationship, or something wonderful that is happening in your life. You may be so focused on change no matter where it comes from that you forget what it is that really makes you happy.

Buyer’s remorse can come in many forms. You may feel you are taking on more than you expected or had room for in your life. You could doubt you have what it takes to truly succeed at a new level. Or, you simply may have decided that the job or new opportunity is just as fraught with issues and problems no matter how good the recruiter was who convinced you to take the job. Even if all seemed like it was perfect, reality may be showing you another side to the dream you may not have thought was possible.

When you start to experience buyer’s remorse you can do a few things to get out of your own way. You can embrace the new opportunity as a challenge to push yourself and turn the situation around. You could see this an a chance to reach out to others in your network who do have more experience and can be in a position to help you and guide you along the way. Or, you could simply quit and look for another opportunity that may be more in line with what you want. You are not stuck. No matter the choices, your decisions are not carved in stone and you have the ability to learn and accept the choices you make and grow from those experiences

Nothing about your job or your career is meant to be perfect. You will have times in you life when you are at odds with your boss, your co-workers and sometimes even yourself when you may feel you have no where to turn. Knowing that your remorse is temporary and that you might even learn to love the job you have and push through any shortcomings might be all the incentive you need to stay the course no matter how hard overwhelmed you may feel.

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