Your Job-And The Winner Is ….

If you feel like a hopeful nominee, a reluctant runner up or a cocky winner, stand in line because your job search is a far cry from the glitz and glamour of The Oscars. You may feel like you have to dress the part or at least give good face to the crowds who are cheering you on.  But, inside your stomach churns in tangled nervous knots and you wonder how you got here and whether being in the job spotlight is such a good thing.  Having the feeling that every interview is like the opening of a gold envelope and that all you have to do is sit, smile and wait-makes the process maddening at best and at the very least, glad you don’t have to give the red carpet a whirl.

Not knowing the outcome all your job efforts have made may give you a sense of wonder or of dread.  Patience in this game fades with every notice of rejection, every inquiry gone unanswered and every job offer you didn’t get.  That’s not to say the next one won’t be yours, but in the meantime the wait may just kill you.  Here’s a tip, while you wait for the opening of the envelope, prepare your acceptance speech. You may think what a waste of time!  You may be under consideration even though you may be a long way off from a win but it’s nice to acknowledge those who may have helped you.  Knowing who you should thank along the way and what you are most grateful for in helping you carve your career path to fame will help you prepare and stay focused on the win and not the wait.

Finding enough good things to honor in your job search efforts, remembering the people who helped you and giving thanks to the many opportunities that made it your way should keep you positive, focused and above all hopeful. Making it past the noise, applause, (even if it’s not for you) and the uncertainty that comes with everything that is worth the wait, will give you the foresight to know that no matter the outcome, you gave it your all.

There are winners and losers in every situation where there are two people for every one job. In this case your job search is no different.  Remember, you may be thinking, “Let it be me” the next time you are faced with the opportunity of being selected for a job you want.  Coveting an award, or a job, a chance to win something that is perceived as making your life in someway a little better, challenges you to stay the course and acknowledge what you can do to make the journey a little more exciting.

Whether you are the presenter, a performer, a nominee, runner-up or the winner in your own job search show, your participation and acceptance of how well you did or didn’t perform makes you a winner no matter what the outcome.  Accept, acknowledge and be grateful your turn will come whether it’s this job or the next.

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