Your Career is Limitless

Figuring out what you want from what you don’t want when the choices are not always abundant or exciting, may make you feel like you are forced into a corner without too much wiggle room.  When you are faced with the inevitable challenge of choosing a job when the choices are limited, make room for yourself and move the borders.  Knowing that there are limitless choices in the Universe of Jobs makes it easier for you not to feel like you are sorting fact from fiction in your quest for your next career adventure.

Consider your job search without borders.  Yes, it’s hard to find a job period let alone find one you love.  But just like dating, keeping your options open and not settling for the first one that comes along applies to your job search as well.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your choices were endless?  Think about the possibilities of being able to change the outcome each and every time you had a chance to try reliving the perfect interview or accepting the ideal job offer. When you know that you are in it to win it, nothing else matters and your quest is less about choosing from the limited jobs than it is from grabbing one of the limitless opportunities that are out there for you.

Here are a few ways to harness the limitless job prospects that stand before you:

1)   Know that you are the best you can be in all that you do and that you can not possibly fail;

2)   Embrace your confidence and realize you have the choice to walk away from any situation good or bad because there is another one, infinitely better waiting for you;

3)   You can get any job you want by leveraging your internal and external allies and harnessing the intent of your actions;

4)   You can create the job you want from any situation as long as you have the passion and the ambition to visualize and realize your dream;

5)   Get out of your own way and stop believing there is a lack of jobs out there (despite the unemployment reports), and know that you have the skill and the ability to find, create and secure a meaningful job from all that exits.

You are the master of your own job search destiny whether you embrace that fact or not.  Having the ability to see beyond your current situation and know that there is more out there for you will help you to stay focused on your limitless job prospects. Keeping the faith in times of trouble is a good way for you to objectively balance your ambitions from your fears and focus on the outcome of your efforts.  There is more out there than meets the eye, know it, feel it and by all means go after it!

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