Managing To Survive Your Career

Walking on a tight rope?  Feeling like you may need them, but they don’t necessarily need you?  Wondering when you might be fired or worse just “ignored” enough to make you want to quit?  Managing to survive in your career when the odds are building up against you takes a certain amount of courage and guts.  It’s not easy not to feel wanted or needed when you were hired to do a job and you feel like you are constantly looking over your shoulder, uninvited to attend meetings or questioned at every turn. Managing to survive and managing your career can be one in the same when you are ready to jump ship or feel like you are being pushed off.

It’s not easy out there no matter what your level is within an organization or where you are in life.  Stress builds as more and more companies emphasize immediate results and the tolerance or patience to let things grow and build wanes.  This doesn’t help you, the “employee” whether you are running the company or are in a line position.  Finding the balance, keeping your fear in check and above all following your intuition are key in succeeding in this quagmire you call work.  Strategically following your instincts helps you balance so you are not panicking every time you are excluded from something you think you should be included in on and knowing when it’s appropriate to react from disengaging.

This is no easy task believe me.  Talking yourself down from the proverbial ledge, as I like to describe it, takes a lot of doing especially when you are the only one you can seem to trust.  Having the insight to know when the sound of your own voice helps you calm and reassure you may help relieve your panic before real terror sets in.  You are your own best friend and at times like these, sometimes you can be your own worst enemy.  Learning when to get out of your own way in times of trouble is a crucial life skill you need to learn early on if you are going to survive in your career long-term.  Listening and trusting yourself guides you to make the right choice when you most need the help. Understanding this makes the ability to calm your fears before they take over and you make a critical mistake in your job or worse, abruptly quit your job out of frustration.

Coming to terms with the fact that you may not always be in control of your situation helps you know that you do have choices just the same.  You can choose how you want to react to any situation or how to address it in a way that helps you maintain your cool when the fires are burning all around you.  Building your allies internally and externally in times of trouble makes you know that you are not alone and that help is near.  Your support system is crucial when you are figuring out how to survive in your career.  At the end of the day, knowing when to fight or take flight is a personal decision only you can make and there is no right or wrong answer.

Having the courage to take action whether that is to walk away from a job, suck it up and play nice or go it on your own, means that you know what’s best for you. All you need to do is trust yourself, and let instincts guide you on your career path no matter what obstacles you face along the way.

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