You Get What You Deserve…

Ever wonder why certain people get whatever they want?  Or how some people always have money and seem to travel and say “What recession!”  Does it bother you to think some people might be smarter, quicker, more successful while you continue to struggle, fail and struggle again only to find yourself in the same place?  Well, you know what they say, you get what you deserve.  

If you are thinking well does that mean if I’m not successful I somehow deserve it? Well, I guess the correct answer is “yes”.  If you are not successful, in whatever you deem as successful, you are clearly doing something to hold yourself back.  If you’ve been on 100 interviews and have not gotten a job offer you have to wonder why?  Yes, the economy is tough, but you also need to figure out what responsibility you hold in the process.  If no one is taking your calls, responding to your emails, your networking is just not working, or you are still unemployed after a year on the street, you are right it’s not fair and someone needs to help and the only person that can is you.

You get what you deserve when you think you are putting all of your effort into something but still falling short. There is no possible way in life that if you truly are focused on achieving your goal you won’t achieve it.  Now if your goal includes being Madonna or Kobe Bryant and you can’t hold a tune or a basketball, then yes, you will get what you deserve-no offers to sing at your cousin’s wedding or to even join an amateur basketball game.

We all stumble upon hard times, obstacles and the like, but what makes one person “successful” over another’s constant efforts to succeed, is in the ability to be self-aware and recognize what makes us good from what does not.  We can try to be Madonna or Kobe but wasting our time in areas we might never succeed leads us down the road of “It’s not fair,” “No one helps me,” and “I’m just not good enough.”

The feeling sorry for yourself blues is one tune we have all sung one or more times in our life.  Sometimes it helps to get it out of our system and sometimes it just helps continue to keep us down.  You get what you deserve when you try really hard, stay the course, remain focused and diligent and act with integrity, confidence and come from a secure place in all that you do.  You get what you deserve when you lead by example and stop comparing yourself to what everyone else has and what you lack.  What you get when you focus on what you don’t have is more of what you don’t have.

So, the next time you try out for that creative executive job at Sony and wonder why they are not calling you back after the 10th interview, think about all you could have done and how well you showcased your talents and if you still have no job offer the very least you can say is, “Well, they clearly don’t deserve me.”

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5 thoughts on “You Get What You Deserve…

  1. Not true. If you are an international student, it is highly likely that in the U.S. they will give a job to someone who they can hire easily rather than deal with visa and immigration. Unfortunately, in a bad economy, the best bet for international students is to go back home. It is not what they deserve but it is what will end up happening. Look at the number of H1B job applications. In Apr 2008, the applications’ quota was filled in a matter of couple of days. In April 2009, they are still open after 8 months. Clearly, you DO NOT always get what you deserve!!!!

  2. Overall I find lots of worth in this blog, but this post is part of magical American thinking that just isn’t helpful. If someone ruins a sector or the economy because of their greed (like universities), do the people out of work get what they deserve? If the economy has lots of good paying jobs building weapons and few being artistic or creative, does the world become a better place?

    There are so many examples of people who are not good at something getting paid really well to hold a job while other people with more education or talent can’t break in. I suppose if someone breaks into your home and robs you, both parties get what they deserve.

  3. I get what I deserve? I lost my job because one of my coordinators was screwing my boss – seriously!! What have I done in this lifetime to deserve that? So, now I’ve been unemployed for almost a year, and I am barely getting by. I’ve made looking for work my full-time job. I spend more time online looking for jobs then I did when I WAS working (and please note I used to work 60hr weeks). If it was as simple as willing yourself into work, our economy wouldn’t be the way it is.

    So please, next time you are quick to say “we get what we deserve”, make sure you mention the people that were literally treated unfairly like myself.

  4. The article was meant to help people stop the “pity party” mentality and be proactive in their job search without blaming outside circumstances or looking at other people when they should be focusing on finding another job not why they lost the one they had. Life isn’t fair. Dwelling on it won’t help. Getting out of our own way and making the most of the situation regardless of how we got there is better than focusing on the negative. Help others help you and stop worrying about the other guy-they’ll get what they deserve too.

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