Discovering Your True Potential…

How often have you wondered whether you were on the right path professionally? Whether the job as a finance analyst or a creative designer is the one you were destined to become?  When do we know it’s time to unlock the doors and set out on our journey to discover our true potential?

The value we place on ourselves is based in part from the perceptions we remember from our past. Whether we were competitive, shy, nurturing, independent or withdrawn, we define our perception of ourselves based on how we interacted and reacted to the way others viewed us.  This perception may not have been entirely accurate, but whether good or bad it had a hand in shaping us into who and what we are today.

Discovering what we are truly capable of achieving, depends on our ability to step away from the past perceptions that haunt us and to boldly move towards the ideal vision we hold of ourselves. Whether that vision includes being an actress, writer, painter, engineer, astronaut or production assistant, how we choose to “invent” ourselves will help guide the choices we make in realizing our true potential.

We were born with the ability to choose our path no matter how great or small our beginning. We learned to be confident, we were not born with it.  Each action, choice and decision we made helped create a confident or insecure perception of who we are today.   When we allow the perception of others to render us powerless, we give into the fear, hopelessness, rejection and insecurity that ultimately holds us back.

In your search for the perfect job, find ways to recall the choices, decisions and actions that proved successful. Was it the great job interview you had with Disney and they offered you a job on the spot?  Was it the way you jumped in and solved the crises of the moment to be recognized by your boss and given a promotion?  Was it the time you helped someone else find a job and they thanked you with tickets to a Lakers game and dinner?  Whatever moments from your past you can recall and keep recalling when you need to, will only help to reinforce the worth and value you have for yourself.

Our potential is grounded in our ability to remain secure and confident. No matter how good we prove to be at something, we can truly reach our potential if we hold on to our perfect image of ourself and to learn to take necessary risks towards achieving our goals.  When we challenge ourselves towards achieving a “personal best” in everything we do, we not only retain our confidence but we move that much closer to discovering our true potential.  So the next time you feel, “not up to par” or you lose out to another “more qualified” candidate, think about all successes you have achieved be they big or small and remember that each road takes you towards your true potential one small obstacle at at time.

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