You Are Not Alone…

Finding your way through the myriad of updates, news blasts and Tweets about jobs and the economy is like finding your way out of a maze.  Who do you listen to and who can you trust?  It’s not that you shouldn’t be reminded of how the unemployment rate is nearing 10%, or that certain sectors of the economy like manufacturing for instance, may be part of a bygone era.  It’s good to know where the opportunities lie and where to put your efforts.  Knowledge is Power someone wise once said.  But when is all of this “breaking news” too much of a good thing?  When do you stop taking the advice of others and start listening to yourself?  If you are wondering who on earth you should trust, you are not alone.

It would be nice to dial down the volume and listen to your own thoughts for a change. How do you sort through all of the media noise and decipher what is valuable information versus what is just noise?  Noise leads to fear and confusion and nothing good comes from that. When you are not sure how to process the information, or whose information it’s safe to process, go within and find a quiet place and listen to yourself. Your thoughts can lead you to a safe place where you and you alone can make sense of the information that is coming at you.  

As a media and communication major in college, I spent a lot of time reading and writing about world news and events and studying the effects of media’s message on the masses.  Today, it’s an entirely different world.  There are so many avenues to give and receive information that you have to be mindful about where you and how you get updated.  The bombardment of news and information on a second by second basis, can cause you to blur over with confusion and doubt as you stare helplessly at your Blackberry wondering which Tweet you should be following and when.

It’s important as you journey towards your next job that you consider all points of view. Whether it’s updates on the soaring unemployment rate, the demise of the auto industry, NAFTA, free trade, expansions in technology, Pink Slip parties and where on earth to look for your next job, listening past the noise will help you determine where you should focus your attention. 

You are stronger than you think and you have the ability to know what is best for you. Taking advice from professionals, the news media, your friends and family are all important in helping guide you but at the end of the day, it’s what you think, feel, believe and desire that will ultimately have the most impact and gain you the most traction in your journey forward. When you are truly quiet and can get in touch with what you really want, these are the times you gain the most insight and value in helping craft the plan that will get you to your final destination.  In this, you truly are not alone.

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