What’s Your Job Trick or Treat?

What’s in your bag of career tricks?  Do you feel the need to fool yourself or others into believing you are happy with your job?  Or, is your life filled with illusions hoping to inspire the kind of treats you truly desire from your career?  When it comes to rummaging through your bag of career tricks or treats you need to be able to sort fact from fantasy.

Taking an inventory of what inspires you from what despises you let’s you be the driver of your own career hearse.  This is a do or die situation when you need to step it up and be honest with yourself about what makes you scream with excitement. Your career is one of the most important relationships you have and you owe it to yourself to be honest and honor what it is you love to do. Stop tricking yourself and treat yourself with the truth.

Top 5 Career Tricks You Tell Yourself:

  1. “I love what I do!”  NOT!  When you keep telling yourself and others, “It’s Okay” and you continue to put up with the career crap from your boss or co-workers when in fact all you want to do is quit.
  2. I don’t need to be paid more money” You think money is evil and that you are compensated fairly even when you know you are not and you just don’t have the nerve to ask for a raise.
  3. “I love my boss!”  Even when the rest of the company is planning a revolt against the person you’ve vowed undying loyalty, it’s time to recheck yourself and stop lying about how you really feel about the shrew!
  4. “It’s okay if I didn’t get the promotion” After you work your ass off and others who are less motivated but more ambitious than you are getting ahead, it’s time to take stock and stop lying to yourself that all of your hard work will pay off.  Move up or move out but do something to get ahead.
  5. “I don’t mind working late” Maybe you think working through the night is going to score you some points with the powers that be, but when you aren’t appreciated for your efforts and you’ve alienated your friends and family it’s time to rethink your work ethic and head for higher ground.

Top 5 Career Treats You Can Tell Yourself:

  1. I love what I do” Following your dream and honoring what you really love from what you tell yourself you love will bring you closer to your true happiness and further away from self-deception.
  2. “It’s time to earn what I’m worth” Taking any salary offered is ok if you are starting out, but when you work hard and have solid work experience then you owe it to yourself to make sure you are paid what you are worth and stop making excuses.  It’s okay to ask for money!
  3. “I love my boss!” Saying you do when you don’t is one thing, but really making sure you have a mentor and someone you can respect and learn from is what you need to do in order to honor yourself and to learn what it takes to really succeed.
  4. “I deserve a promotion!” Being noble and letting others take the credit when you’ve done all the work is a nice attribute but it’s not going to get you any further ahead.  Blow your own horn and make sure others notice your work, as you do deserve your promotion and all that comes with it.
  5. “I have balance in my life” Working late to finish a project you’ve been working on is one thing, but killing yourself just to prove a point is another.  Finish your work, go home and take care of yourself and your family.

Scaring yourself into believing you are not worthy of the career rewards that are waiting for you are the little tricks you tell yourself to get by when you are afraid of the alternative.  Try treating yourself to a little self-love and make the best happen for you and go after what you want.  Your perfect career is waiting for you behind door number one!

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