Surviving Career Chaos

You can create career chaos whether you do it intentionally or not. Whether you are attracted towards situations steaming with drama, or you tend to find yourself in the middle of some conflict of some kind, your career chaos is one way you thrive or dive in your attempt to further your goals.

Knowing what motivates you in terms of your ambition and your career goals is something most career coaches focus on when helping someone manage their careers.  But when you decide to deep dive into the subconscious, there are subtle nuances that drive even the most established of executives when it comes to creating the work environment most conducive towards success or failure.  Career chaos can be best defined as unnecessary distractions or conflicts that cause you to lose focus on yourself and become consumed in the drama of your surroundings.  If you find yourself defending your actions or those of the folks around you, you are definitely in the career chaos arena.

Having the ability to manage your career under normal circumstances can be challenging enough, but having the strength to protect yourself against the occasional detractors takes more effort. You know where the drama pit-falls are.  People and places can cause you to feel out of sorts and feeling like you need to take up the shield and sword in order to get through the day.  Sometimes it’s easy to blame others for the nonsense that goes on around you.  Other times you might need to do some soul-searching and ask why you seem to find yourself in those circumstances in the first place.  If you think you don’t have a choice, guess again. You can always shield yourself from the chaos even though you may be the subject of the conflict the staff is discussing around the office fax machine.

Having the ability to safeguard your career and your reputation from harmful and negative people is not something they teach you in business school or something you’d necessarily pick up from your summer internship.  It is however, vitally important to know when you are the one in the hot seat or, when you are somehow forced to defend someone in the hot seat-either scenario puts you square in the middle of career chaos.

It’s nice to be liked and maybe even loved a little at work.  It’s another thing to be made the bad guy or gal in the face of rumors and innuendos that may not even hold a hint of truth.  Whether your career chaos is self-induced or not, making sure you are aware of what is being said about you and how to address it head on is an important skill-set in your ability to manage your successful career ascension.

You don’t have to love your work or the people you work with but knowing how to “handle” situations that may put you squarely in the middle of the drama is as essential as knowing when to speak your mind in a crowded conference room.  Leading the charge in your own defense is a skill well developed early to safeguard not only your career but your peace of mind as well.

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