Chillaxin’ Your Career Search

It’s always good to be ahead of the curve.  Pushing your way through the crowd of angry job seekers like a mob scene out of “The Walking Dead,” you have the right to want to move past the rest of the herd.  It’s not that you aren’t ambitious.  But even a hungry zombie needs a break every now and again.  When you are just plain TIRED and you’ve been at this for a while, it’s okay to just chillax your search and sit this round out.

Don’t worry you won’t miss anything if you take a break.  The job you are suppose to have will be waiting for you when you are ready for it. You might think if you let up just a little your career search will come to a dead stop.  Frankly, if you had made headway you wouldn’t be so exhausted.  Remember, even the weary need a rest every now and again.  Knowing when to push harder and when to pull back is the difference between driving yourself to a point of exhaustion and realizing when you need to establish some balance in your life.

You have a busy life and that does not take away from the stress you might feel if your job search is not moving as fast as you would like.  Take time to reflect and figure out why it might be a smart idea to put all of your job efforts on the back burner.  Maybe it’s not your time to change jobs.  Maybe the job you want is not yet ready for you.  Or, just maybe you are so exhausted in your efforts you don’t know how you are coming across in interviews and the tired, frustrated and desperate you might have not made the best impression.

Knowing when to chillax means you have a sense of your own well-being and you are not afraid of taking care of yourself.  It’s not a selfish act to be considerate of how you feel- it’s self-preservation.  When you are mired in the everyday tasks of your job search stop and take a break.  Pushing beyond your natural limits is not going to help you get a new job any faster than if you were to take a brief hiatus, regroup and really, DO NOTHING!

Some people might say you are not serious about your job search others may think you are a flake but I say, who cares, do what’s right for you and go easy on yourself.  Taking time out of the busy career-rat race by doing nothing related to your job search will surprisingly help you focus your attention on what you do want vs. feeling tired and helpless every time you lose your shot at a job you do want.  I know it sounds counter-intuitive but really, that’s the point.  If you’ve pushed and pulled as hard as you have with little results, embrace and honor your efforts, reflect on what you might do differently and by all means, give yourself a well-deserved break.  When you do hit the ground running again you’ll move a lot faster and be much clearer on your direction after you’ve had a chance to “chillax.”

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