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As the song goes, “You can’t always get what you want,” but you will always get what you need.  When it comes to focusing on what it will take to make you happy in your career, you need to discover what truly drives your ambitions.  Is it money?  Is it title? Is it freedom?  Is it creativity?  Is it routine? Finding out what truly makes you wake up each morning and embrace the day with vigor, courage and yes, desire will help you towards reaching and succeeding in your career goals.  Knowing what truly drives you to move forward in life and mapping out the plan that will help you get there is as much as knowing what you want from what you truly need.

Harnessing the desire from within you whatever the motivating factor, will push you towards your career goals whether you like it or not.  So, if you are driven by making more money, you will find opportunities not only to seek jobs which pay more, but maybe finding alternative ways to make money outside of your regular job.  You may discover you have hidden talents and start a side business that helps you bring in more money.  Or you may align yourself with a promotional opportunity that opens the door for making more money at your current job. When your desire is strong enough, you operate with razor sharp focus in attaining what it is you truly want in life.  Your passion is the fuel that drives your career.

Knowing what you want is half the battle in “getting” what you want from your next job. Most of us are not always clear on what we want from our career relationship. Defining what you what from what you need, brings a clarity that makes your desire in obtaining it even greater.  Nothing motivates more than wanting something so much that you will find a way to obtain it regardless of the obstacles in your way.  Determination is born from your desire and the more you are clear on what you are looking for from your career, your pay, your boss, your job, the more likely you will be in getting it.

If someone refers to you as ambitious-thank them. Sometimes the term is used in a negative way but really, it’s a compliment signaling that you are someone who knows and goes after what you want. Focusing on where you are going or where the next opportunity will present itself brings about the fear and not the desire.  Fear will single handedly kill your desire.  Focusing and taking action towards your desires will help drive away the fear and help you towards reaching your career goals.

When you live in doubt, fear and concern over your next career move, remember it is up to you where you choose to focus your attention and your desire.  When your passion is high nothing can stand in the way of you and your next job. Continue to focus on what drives you and see where the career road leads.

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