Eat, Pray, Work…

Your job search is an adventure.  When you think of the infinite possibilities out there you will be less concerned about making a mistake.  When you are willing to take risk in your quest for a new job, you can move forward without expectation and enjoy the journey. By focusing on the outcome of each and every interview, meeting or networking event you will likely drive yourself mad and miss out on the important opportunity right in front of you. When you treat your job search like you are on vacation or visiting a place you’ve never been, you start to explore the possibilities through a new, brightly colored lens. When you head out for your next interview, pretend you are taking a trip and are about to visit a wonderful new restaurant and eat something you’ve never tried before, you might even sneak in a bit of prayer but always be ready to take some risk when finding your next job.

As you find yourself on our career journey, treat the process with joyous anticipation and wonder. By worrying what you will get from the interview, you deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy the moment and miss out on what you could learn from the company, its employees and the environment. When you take a risk by opening yourself up to new possibilities you create a deeper sense of your surroundings, the company and whether or not you will likely “fit in.”  Enter the interview meeting without expectation, concern or negative anticipation and see what mysteries unfold.

Treating your job search like an adventure holds excitement and offers you limitless possibilities of accepting something new and different into your life.  Remove the worry, fear, doubt and concern about finding your next job and you will elevate yourself to a higher level.  By embracing the process you open yourself up and who knows what type of job offer awaits you that you may not have even considered!

Like savoring a fantastic meal, think of your job search as the main course in a menu filled with appetizing possibilities. Knowing how to select a fine wine to go with your meal, or whether you will order the special Baked Alaska dessert ahead of time or try whatever the chef recommends opens you to a fantasy of delights.  Like ordering your favorite meal or sampling something new, your job search has the potential of opening new and wonderful opportunities, introductions and delightful outcomes if you savor the moment.

Having faith in your accomplishments and knowing what you want from your next job by clearly focusing your intentions through prayer, meditation or silent introspection will help you stay open to the abundance of opportunities and new experiences that await you when you are mentally, physically and emotionally available. Knowing that you are in charge of your career destiny puts you in a much better place than if you were to blindly move forward in fear hoping that someone will offer you a job and freak out when the offer does not come.

When you open yourself up to the unexpected by taking a risk, and by savoring the wait your job search will feel less like an obligation and more like an adventure. You will learn to appreciate what you have and your job search will take on a whole new meaning. You may actually just have a little fun in the process!

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