No Job Offer? So what ….

Sometimes you feel like no matter what you do you just can’t seem to get it right.  All the resume rewrites, networking parties, email requests, introductions and you still can’t get a job offer. When the going gets tough you don’t necessarily need to get going-in the other direction. When the jobs fall through, you can’t seem to land any offers and you have no idea what to do, remember as grim as it may seem, there is a blessing in disguise in every missed opportunity. Think of those that missed the train headed for Liverpool where they were to board the new luxury liner, the Titanic-were they lucky or just late?

For every missed opportunity there is a new one.  For every job offer that did not come through, there is one waiting for you.  For every client that drops you there is a new one waiting to sign you up.  Every time we think of a disappointment, a missed opportunity or a chance that we think we have lost, think again.  Knowing that there are other chances to play the same game and many more chances to win should give you enough energy to keep on moving forward to your next job adventure.

When you truly embrace the notion that you don’t always know what the outcome will be in a given situation, then you can relax and trust in the process. Your ability to expect the unexpected when it comes to your job search will help you stay focused in the present and not live too far into the future. When you stop predicting the outcome of your next job interview, even if you don’t get a job offer means you can stop living in fear and live in the moment.

Making the most of every connection even if it does not yield an employment opportunity can set you up to make the most of every situation.  Jobs are a plenty.  Yes, you heard me the market is brimming with more opportunity for employment than a year ago.  This means you have more options than before. Taking advantage of this situation means you should be casting a wider net to ensure you have made the most out of your networking opportunities.  Remembering that you know what is best for you in any given situation even though you may feel doubtful at times keeps you focused on finding just the right job for you.

Next time you feel that the job offers are not flowing and you put all of your eggs in one basket hoping for the phone to ring or an email to appear, stop and take a breath.  Just because you won’t get an offer does not mean the end of the world!  There is something truly fabulous waiting for you whether in this email or the next so don’t throw it all away just yet.  Staying focused and moving forward through the next door that opens is all you need to do in order to make the next opportunity the right opportunity for you.  So next time you don’t get a job offer, so what, know there is another one that is waiting just for you.

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