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You may feel like the New Year has gotten off to a slow start.  You are just waking up from our holiday haze and wondering what day it is and what are you suppose to do next? Hard to believe another year, another set of resolutions and a new “list” of accomplishments awaits you.  Great you may think and all before you’ve poured your morning coffee!  When you think you can’t even start a new year let alone a new list of things to deal with including your career, maybe the best course of action is to wait and see?

Sometimes doing nothing is as good as plowing through a list of tasks, including personal and professional ones, only to discover you didn’t have to rush to finish anything because no one is ready for you anyway.  Making resolutions is as stressful as trying to keep them.  I don’t know about you, but being prepared does not always mean making a list of action items that loom over your head waiting to cross something off your list.  It’s okay to put some pressure on yourself but sometimes just focusing your attention on what you want and waiting to see what unfolds is not a bad strategy either.

When you feel the need to rush to the resolution list stop and wait.  Preparing yourself for the next step whether it’s a career change, a personal change or a spiritual reawakening requires your focus and attention.  Putting words down on a piece of paper may help you to focus but it can also distract you from your intended goal.  If you put your resolutions down on paper and place it in a draw or box hoping to manifest your dreams you are essentially shoving aside your goals and delaying any real results.

Like any plan of action you need to be ready to take the necessary steps.  If you are not ready no matter how noble and long a list you create, your intentions will not manifest.  This holds true whether one of your goals is to lose weight, buy a house or change your job.  Waiting and seeing what happens once you focus your intention helps you release the outcome and takes the pressure off of trying to jump start an initiative you are just not ready to undertake.

When you force yourself to come up with a list of resolutions no matter how badly you may want to change, you are essentially and unwittingly setting yourself up for failure.  It’s okay to wait and see what happens with your life, whether that’s with your career, your personal life or any critical life-changing decision you may have to face.  Nothing will work against you more than trying to force a decision, a change or a situation if you are not ready, able and willing to move forward.

So next time someone asks you what your New Year’s Resolutions are, tell them you’ve decided to wait and see what the great Universe has in store for you!

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