Understanding Life Through Art

It doesn’t matter if you are a writer, producer, artist or accountant.  We all learn about what motivates our career choices through life, art and what chooses to inspire.  Even if you are not sure what you should be doing with your life and your career, there is something in watching a great movie, reading an award-winning novel or binging on great TV where you can find threads of your life in the art you experience that perhaps leads you to discover your career choices.

Call it inspiration, divine intervention, or just dumb luck, but what moves you to greatness is not always obvious in your everyday choices. When you are moved by the world around you through the art you experience, you are poised to choose a career that speaks to your soul.  Sometimes just a walk through a museum or through a snowy park may ignite a spark of inspiration that makes you consider an idea for a new business, a new concept or inspires you to choose a career that not only pays the bills but truly satisfies you.

When you check your surroundings and allow yourself to become absorbed by the art of life and what moves you, you open yourself up to a whole new set of choices and opportunities that allows you to find a career that feeds your soul.  It’s okay if you are not a “creative” type or you can’t sculpt, paint or write.  You can find inspiration in the simplest things.  Tapping your soft skills allows you to open up to new career choices. Whether you have hobbies you refer to as “tinkering” or you like to explore new ways of looking at things don’t dismiss your mindful meanderings they might just be a message from the universe that you might be onto something big.

When you know what motivates your choices no matter where you find your inspiration, you are poised to unlock the unique qualities and skills you possess. Understanding the lessons life offers when it comes to love, death, loss, joy, birth, etc., helps you to prioritize and find inspiration where you might least expect it. Your career is but a journey where life through art can offer you a road map to discover what truly makes you happy.

A life with purpose is more than just looking for your next job.  It’s what makes you feel joyous and want to get up each morning. It’s what propels brilliant thought, innovation and the next big idea.  The next time someone asks you to a movie, an art exhibit or to a concert, instead of just enjoying the show, let the experience absorb you and help you to discover what your next move is even if you aren’t the world’s best artist.  Finding who you are and what really moves you in the happenings of the world around you inspires you to make the most out of your surroundings and may lead you to your true life passion and your next best career move ever.

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