Use It Or Lose It- 5 Ways To Waste Your Talent

If you think you’ve got what it takes to succeed in your job-think again.  It might not matter how good you think or know you are, but what if your boss hasn’t a clue?  Not wanting to storm the corner office with your resignation in hand knowing your sole reason for leaving is that you are underappreciated?  Worse still, what if you were prompted to quit a job you otherwise liked because you were horribly underutilized?  When you find yourself counting the ceiling tiles above your work area, it’s time to start packing your bags.  You could however rattle a few executive cages as you make your way out the door but do you owe it to the powers that be to share your views while they continue to lose the talent they say they work so hard to keep?

  1. You Work Hard For Your Money:  …. Even if no one else seems to notice. It’s not that they don’t like you, it’s just that when your boss has their head up (you know where) they can’t possibly see what you are doing or not doing to get ahead or even keep the job you have.  Finding a politically correct way to keep your boss informed about your work progress is key to allowing them to solve for any problems or inconsistencies in the workplace so you are not the next victim to make an appointment for an exit interview with human resources.
  2. Not Everyone is Created Equal: … When you find out that your co-worker who started the same day as you was offered to be reimbursed for their job-related educational programs, while you were told “The company does not pay for those types of courses,” it’s time to stand up and be counted.  It’s okay to make a little noise in your own defense after all who else would do a better job standing up for you? Making sure you are treated fairly is something you don’t think you have to acknowledge this day and age but guess again you are your own best advocate.
  3. What’s good for the goose:  Is not always good for you too!  When you want to plan a family vacation over a long holiday and you are asked to play “stand-by” in the event work flows through the pipeline it’s time to call it out and let your boss know that you will work as hard as you have to and get the work done but not on your planned vacation.  Managing expectations and treating your boss with respect will ensure someone gets the message it’s not okay to take advantage of people on their off-work hours and help sets the stage for a mutually respectful and productive workplace.
  4. 4.   Come on already!  You’ve finally had enough and you hand in your resignation after countless attempts to offer your help, be productive and pull your weight.  Now everyone wants to know what you think, where you are going and how they will make you change your mind.  It wasn’t like you were forcing anyone’s hand but you realize if you have to take drastic steps to get noticed, what would it be like if something really serious were to happen at work?  Who on earth could you trust and turn to and would they really have your back?  It’s time to know when you’ve stayed to long at the party and gracefully make your way towards the exit sign.
  5. 5.   It’s been wonderful:  Holding your head up high, calling it like you see it and following your instincts on when it’s time to move on are all attributes not taught in college or in career counseling seminars.  You know what you are worth and you will find someone else who will appreciate and value your contributions without much effort on your part.  There are employers and bosses who are good role models and will provide you with what you need to strive, thrive and not merely survive through check out time.

You are a rock star and even though you may find folks in your career that may not take notice, you are and will remain in the drivers seat.  And hey if they are willing to waste the talent that you are on any level, it’s time to move on to greener pastures because yes, they do exist

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