Committing To Your Boss

Yes we all like to make a lot of money and want a great job we can go to every day.  But what may motivate you towards excellence is not always in a paycheck.  Most people find that it’s not what you do but whom you work for that makes a difference. When a company throws money at an employee in the hopes of retaining its star players, it may not have the right priority in order even though the intent is there.  What makes anyone commit to anyone else in the workplace is about wanting to work for a particular someone and not just wanting to work for the size of your direct deposit.

So, next time you go on a job interview make sure you are not just focused on the position but the person you’ll be working for and those you’ll be working with.  When you commit to a job you are not just committing to the company but you are actually committing to the person you will be working for.  Like any good relationship, there has to be chemistry, trust and respect.  This holds true for the people you work with as well.  You may not make it work with everyone you meet, but you’d better make sure the person you plan to work for hits all the criteria necessary in order to make your working relationship a success.

Here’s how it should work:

  1. Chemistry:   You’ve got to ask yourself one question “Is this someone I would want to have coffee with every morning and spend most of my waking hours with on a daily basis?”  If the answer is no, then move on no matter how great the job may seem.  You’ve got to be honest and know that you can’t work around a relationship if there is no foundation and nothing in common with the other person especially if s/he is your boss.  Liking the person you work with is as important as respect and trust because nothing will make it more difficult to stay motivated in the job if you can’t stand to be around the person you report to every day.
  2. Trust:  Like any good relationship you have to know that person has your back as much as you have theirs.  Being a good soldier in the workplace is great but if you don’t have a true “Commander In Chief” leading and guiding with clear direction and communication than all is lost. Trusting that your boss can make a decision means you have faith that your career is in the right hands.  No one wants to back a loser.  When trust is gone no matter how much you “like” the person, nothing will save the relationship and you will likely be placed in a difficult position asking yourself-should I stay or should I go?
  3. Respect:  Without trust there is no respect.  You cannot respect someone no matter how likable they are if you do not trust they can lead the company and you towards success.  It’s important you recognize this when you are interviewing or looking for a new job because knowing how others feel about the leadership in the company is a true sign whether you have an opportunity to succeed or fail in your next career move.

Working for a leader who can lead and manage the company as well as who can lead and manage the people is a winning combination.  You may have aspirations of leading and managing a company on your own one day.  Looking up to someone who leads by example is a good way to emulate the leadership qualities you admire.   So next time you are in a situation where you need to make a choice about your job, make sure you evaluate all the players on the team before you make a decision.  Liking someone is great but trusting and respecting they can manage the company as well as manage your career is as important as how big your pay check is.

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