Transform Your Job

Transform Your Job

Like a car that changes shape as it picks up speed, your job, can change shape, accelerate or derail just as quickly.  The only difference is you are in the driver’s seat and are able to defend your right to pursue the career you were meant to lead. Having faith in yourself and in your ability to know what you are good at and what talents, skills and tools you have to contribute will help you know whether you are living your dream or are in need of a transformation.

You can look at your current job situation as a wake up call, knowing that you are in it for what it is, or you can change our perspective and know there is always another way of looking at your future.  Your work is an extension of what really makes you happy.  I doubt many of you stop to think about that when all you can focus on is whether your paycheck will continue so you can afford the college tuition, mortgage, rent and health insurance premiums.  When you are all too consumed on seeing your work as a means to pay your bills and cover your expenses, you loose sight of what you really intended to do when you grew up.  It’s not that you have lost your way, but you may have just lost your perspective on what truly brings you joy and satisfaction.

Getting back to basics, understanding what you really want from your career, and transforming your path to allow you to get there, are the necessary steps you need to focus on when a job transformation is required.  Keeping it simple and really asking yourself what makes you truly happy out of all the many things you are talented at will help you decide if you are on the right path or not. Working through the questions you need to put to yourself knowing you are the only one that can answer what makes you happy and bring you joy in your work is the first step towards realizing your job transformation.

You are able to define and redefine your career goals at any time.  Think of the many ways you can change your career to keep you content and financially fluid.  There are no choices that require you to give up one for the other. You need to get clear on what you want financially and think about what drives you creatively and you will find both in your quest to transform your job.  There is nothing magical or mystical in having a deep understanding of what brings you joy in your career.  Finding the courage and determination to transform what isn’t working in your current career however is magical and can work miracles in your success towards that goal. 

Next time you think you can’t transform your career into what you want, hold up the lantern, push away the moss and venture through the opening you’ll might just be surprised what you discover on the other side of your magical career garden

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