Job Independence Day!

Like the star-spangled banner, the rocket’s red glare, and a good old fashioned barbeque, your job freedom is just a few steps away!  If you’ve been thinking about whether you are liberated in your job or whether it needs an M80 to blow it up,  take the stand now and figure out your next career move. Are you feeling like you can’t possibly know how you can free yourself from your current situation?  How do you think our fore-fathers may have felt sitting in a boat in the harbor watching guns, cannons and fire blazing all around them?  I’m sure they didn’t think, “Gee, this was not what I thought my career would turn out to be”  I’m sure they were not guessing, “How am I going to feed the family, buy cattle and build a house if I’m sitting here fighting for my freedom?”

The point is we get lost in the “big picture” of what our career life should be when in fact, all you really need to focus on are the smaller elements that make up where you’d like to go now.  I’m not suggesting that fighting for our country’s freedom was not on the career curriculum in school and that our ancestors did not really have any better career options.  Let’s face it many of them had real “day jobs” while fighting to keep a roof over their families heads.  But when you think about it, not much has changed in 200+ years.  You still have the same basic needs that drive your determination and motivation when it comes to deciding on a career path-namely keeping a roof over your head and taking care of the responsibilities you have before you.

Think about what it would be like to be truly free.  Free from worrying about paying your bills; free from worrying about whether you like your job let alone if you have one; free from worrying about the promotion you might get or whether your boss values your work; free from worrying about your commute or your “quality of life”; free from worrying about getting the next client or making sure you have enough to cover the payroll; and free from worrying about losing your job in the next company reorganization.  It doesn’t matter what you worry about: worry is worry.

True “job independence” today means being free from worry.  If you truly had nothing to worry about how much more would you truly appreciate and love what you are doing?  If you didn’t have to worry about surviving, do you think you would really be able to relax and appreciate what you have now instead of worrying about what you should have or should be doing with your live?  Liberation comes when you no longer allow yourself to be straddled with the fear that everything is dependent on the other and that you have no other way than to keep pushing forward to ensure your survival is secured at any cost.

Do you think George Washington said, “If I can just win the war, I’m sure this will be good for my resume and I might be able to apply for a leadership position one day.”  I think he probably was just concerned about winning the war.  Point is, focus on the now, stop worrying about what may or may not happen in the future and above all liberate yourself to enjoy your career now.  There is no better way to feel independence in your job unless you give it to yourself first. Go ahead, make this Independence Day about you and let your job-rocket soar!

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