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You can’t be anymore inspired or motivated to change your job, rethink your career strategy or plot your next move as outlined in the new movie, “Horrible Bosses.”  Okay so this may be an extreme way of dealing with a problem and it’s time comes to make a career change.  But, hey desperate times as they say require desperate measures.  I’m not suggesting you hire a hit man (or wanna-be hit man) to take out your boss or any colleagues who might be getting in your way towards career advancement.  However, when it comes time to really reflect on how miserable you might be, keep one thing in mind: any alternative starts to look good when you are stuck in the middle working for a horrible boss.

And it might not be just your boss who is driving you insane.  It might just be the quality or lack there of that makes you nuts, whether they pay you well for it or not.  You might as well start planning your next move because unless you begin to talk yourself out of all the reasons why you should not be making a change, you will be stuck contemplating the very things these three characters did in the movie and find yourself in deeper trouble in the long run.

Getting out of your own way in times of trouble takes little more than a true act of God in some circumstances.  Whether you are good at making up excuses as to why you should hang on, promise of a promotion, maybe you have college tuition to pay off, or a whole host of other reasons why you have to stay sucking it up when you just want to shoot yourself (or your boss) instead.  It’s time to think again. You do have choices.  But the first choice you have after you’ve done fantasizing about all the ways you can maneuver your way out of your dead-end job and assume your boss’s position, would be to quit or find another job before it’s too late.

You can talk yourself in or out of most anything.  “Oh, the economy is tight so I better stay put,” or, “I really like my job and wish my boss would leave instead,” to, “I can’t leave I have no place to go!”  Throwing yourself into a panic will not help you navigate your way out of your weird predicament any quicker or easier. Make sure you have a few elements in place before contemplating whether you can live with or without your horrible boss before you make a move. This list of questions you should ask yourself can certainly start you thinking whether it’s worth the wait or not:

1-    Do you really hate walking in to the office in the morning?

2-    Was the last project you worked on way below your pay grade?

3-    Do you cringe when you are asked to a meeting with your peers/colleagues?

4-    Would you care if you were offered a job for more work and no increase in pay?

5-    Do you mind if you are asked to give up on personal commitments in order to stay late when you know it’s not going to get you any further ahead in the end?

6-    Do you believe you are being humiliated, harassed or compromised and are putting up with it just because you need the job?

7-    How do you go home and describe your job to your friends and family?  Do you sound happy?

8-    When was the last time anyone at work paid you a compliment about your work or you felt appreciated?

9-    Does your boss routinely berate you in front of your peers for no reason?

10-And finally, when you look in the mirror do you like what you see and how you feel about the work you are doing?

If you can answer, “yes” to any or most of these questions then it’s time to seriously consider how your horrible boss and your horrible career are making you feel about yourself.  There is no use in putting off the inevitable.  If you are relating to most of these questions then it’s time to hit the road and look for another job with a more rewarding career before you wind up like the horrible boss you truly hate.

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