Take Care of Yourself First!

Wondering and worrying about the future particularly now is something we all face.  But, we need to remember that taking care of business means taking care of yourself and your needs first. This may sound selfish, anti-democratic but the fact remains, without taking care of yourself first, you are in no position to help others in your life.

Here are some examples that might help you stay focused on your number one priority, YOU:
1- Simplicity is easy.   Slow down, focus, and stay connected to you.  Make time for yourself and weed out the unnecessary distractions in your life;
2- Support yourself, your needs, your desires and connect to others who share your own beliefs, desires and goals.  Surround yourself with people who can help you.
3-Be conscious of what you allow in.  Be careful not to consume yourself with negative messages from the media. Stay positive and clear.
4-Truly stop and smell the roses.  It’s the little things in life, like walking the dog, making a cup of coffee, drawing, writing, gardening and any activity or non-activity that helps you feel grounded;
5-Connect to community, volunteer, offer assistance just stay connected to your surroundings and the people that make up your community;
6-Keep the Prize close at hand.  Meditate, visualize, dream, fantasize about the possibilities, the goals, dreams and successes that are just in reach.  Stay focused on the dream.
7- Learn, grow, stretch your mind and your body.  Don’t be afraid to venture out and try something new and different.  Even if it’s a new way at looking at something, break the pattern and reach out;
8-Be quiet.  Make time to reflect and concentrate on yourself.  Learn to listen to your thoughts, your breath, your life.
9-Become more intuitive.  Your thoughts are not insane.  The voices you hear are really there to help guide you and you need to learn to listen to them and to TRUST.
10-Be yourself.  Being authentic, knowing who you are and what you represent is the greatest strength and offers you the greatest sense of peace and security.
When we help yourself first you not only become more grounded but you actually are in a supreme position to help those around you-and what better gift is there to give yourself on every level.

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