I.O.U. Too!

Lots being said about how we all seem to be making promises we can’t keep. I mean when the State of California can’t seem to find the money to pay you back your OWN money, well, this puts a whole new spin on the acronym for I.O.U.

How about we try something new? How about, we change the meaning of I.O.U. to something a little more symbolic-like, Incredible Opportunity Underway. Yes, we ALL have an incredible opportunity, to live by what we say, to seek out what we want and to reach far beyond our limitless potential. Well, that is if you are not counting on that tax rebate anytime soon. I.O.U. does not have to mean the limiting, self-defeating sense that we can’t pay what we owe when we owe it so, let’s just pretend for awhile and maybe we’ll get someone to help us clean up our debt. Sound familiar?

Well, since we are hoping, praying, and pretending to figure out our next move, then let’s use a little of that imagination to conjure up what that perfect job would look like and the limitless financial abundance we will all realize. As we are all mesmerized by the news, paralyzed is probably a better word, by what we are being asked to do like earn less than $250K a year and we’ll give you a fat juicy tax refund, or strive for mediocrity in the face of a failing economy, things like that. Well, what if, we pushed ourselves towards greatness and received greater tax rewards, not rebates when we EARN more than $250K and we now have the disposable means to pay for our mortgage, health insurance and any thing else our little hearts desire-what a novel concept, make more money and actually have the ability to shop! That supply, demand flow of economy thing we were all taught in the 7th grade.

I must admit, I remain optimistic even if you are not looking specifically for a job in health care, education, construction or the government. If you are looking for jobs elsewhere, it might take you a little longer to find one, but you will find one, with patience and perseverance. That I.O.U. might come in handy, particularly if you are still looking for that Incredible. Opportunity. Underway.

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