Fear Your Friend

Feel the Fear!  Remember that?  Fear is good.  Why?  It makes you pay attention.  It makes you aware.  It kicks in that old survival instinct.  You can’t fail.  You can only win. Why? Because no one wants to fail.

When EVERYTHING around us is instilling fear, from the loss of jobs, to the lack of money, to the fear of fear-we have a chance to change our view on the world and embrace the fear that inevitably surrounds us.

It’s not enough to just run from our fears-they do follow us.  Even if we have a grasp on our own fears, someone else will invariably come along and share their fears with us and presto, we have a whole new set of fears that consume us.  Look at the news each day.  Fear, fear and more fear.  And even if you are one of the lucky with a job that is paying well, don’t get too comfortable. No, the news makers remind us that you too will fall victim, just wait and see.

Fear and the job, fear and your life, fear just is and there is no way around it. That is a good thing.  Honestly.  Fear makes you strong, it helps you grow and boy does it keep you moving like nothing else.

Here are a few nuggets that will help you embrace FEAR:

  1. Hold onto the fear.  That churning in your stomach is a sign that helps you navigate from a bad decision to a good decision-trust that.
  2. Fear serves a purpose.  It’s your radar, your intuition, your guiding force.  Fear helps you stay sharp and helps you pay attention.  Fear makes you keenly aware of your surroundings and that’s a good thing.
  3. Fear motivates.  Nothing will make you move faster than the fear of losing your house, job, loved ones.  Fear propels us forward in a forceful, directed and dynamic way.  It’s our guiding light in the dark of night.
  4. Fear offers us survival.  We can not fail no matter how hard we try as long as we harness the strength and purpose that fear presents.  It helps you succeed despite yourself.
  5. Fear is Friend.  Fear will not let you down-it can’t.  It is the common denominator that balances your need to survive with your need to thrive.  Embracing fear only makes you turn that fear into a force and power that makes you succeed.

Fear is contagious and it will make you learn to overcome any challenge, great or small with a razor sharp awareness, insight and motivation like no other force on earth.  So, go ahead and call fear your friend.  No other friend will be as honest.

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