Are You Committing Career Suicide?

Have you had enough of rejection letters, cancelled appointments, rescheduled interviews and your inability to gain traction in your search whatsoever?  Are you continuing to blame the lousy economy, high unemployment and staggering competition for your lack of job progress or employment?  Are you ready to admit that it might be more than just these issues causing you concern.  Have you looked in the mirror lately and realized you could be staring at the problem? It’s not enough to feel down and out about your luck these days.  The next time you get rejected for anything you are in the middle of doing related to your job search, stop and consider, are you doing anything to commit career suicide?

We all are rushing towards the same goal, make money, survive and find employment fast. What we don’t stop to consider is what are we doing to hurt ourselves in the process to get ahead. Committing career suicide is something we are certainly not conscious of doing-at least I hope not?  If you find that you are struggling against the odds and are tired of blaming the next person for your failure to get ahead, consider some of the things you could be doing to stand in your own way.  Trust me, if you look hard enough they are pretty easy to point out.

So long as we are not pointing fingers, let’s look objectively at some of the causes for committing “career suicide”:

1- Not following up when someone has made an introduction for you to network for a job- thinking they should call you instead?  Think again.

2-Pestering someone day & night about a job interview you think went well but probably didn’t if you have not heard back-you more than likely won’t get the job so know when to stop.

3- Openly discussing your dislikes about a co-worker, boss or company whether you are no longer employed and thinking somehow it will not circle it’s way back to you-you are in denial.

4- Thinking by taking the lap top, desk lamp, soft-gel pens and stationary on your way out is a way to hold onto the memories you are wrong-it’s theft plain and simple.

5-Answering online job postings thinking you are being productive while you continue to collect unemployment is not going to move you any closer to getting a job- if you think yours is the only resume out there think again.  You are going to have to try a little harder.

6- Thinking you don’t need a resume, business cards or strategy when you don’t have a job is like going out in the rain without an umbrella-you are going to get wet.  You are going to need to work at anything you truly want.

7- Asking how much money you can expect to make during your first interview with a company is about as presumptuous as you can imagine in a job market where people more experienced and willing to take less salary are taking their turn in the next interview room.

8-Don’t think you can’t compete.  This is all about competition.  Thinking you can ride it out on your personality, connections or good looks is not going to cut it anymore. You’ve got to work for it.

9-Believing references are not necessary and you can rely on your accomplishments is akin to a blind man walking into traffic.  Making nice with all those who helped you along the way and staying connected is the only way to ensure you won’t fall flat on your face.

10-Once you have a job, forgetting all those that helped you along the way in your job search and complaining about being too busy, not returning phone calls, emails or lunch invitations because you are so focused on your new job is a sure way for your friends to forget you the next time you need their help.

Next time think if you are deliberately setting yourself up for career suicide and watch for all the sharp objects pointing in your direction-because not staying focused and conscious of your actions will ultimately come back and bite you on the career dark side.

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