Bend, You Won’t Break…

Staying fluid to the changing times is as necessary as the air you breathe to support your life. Change is constant. Inclement weather to clear skies, poverty to abundance, fear to certainty, unemployed to employed, in order to remain current you need to embrace change like an old familiar friend. Remaining flexible and being confident that change is imminent whichever way the wind is blowing will help you. Go ahead and bend really, you won’t break.

Your career will take shape when you do. Whether you are currently amongst the ranks of the employed or fighting your way off the unemployment line, your motivation, creativity, stamina and ability to bend towards your next opportunity is as vital to your success as any single action you can take. Your ability to adjust to changing circumstances will ensure that you are poised to compete at a much higher level. Keeping your “edge” and remaining focused no matter what you are focused on, will make you a worthy opponent in whatever job challenge you choose.

We constantly are taught to discard the old for the new. Whether it’s the mere task of “spring cleaning” getting rid of old clothes, shoes or whatever else no longer “fits”, you find ways to rid yourself of what no longer works. This sometimes includes old ways of doing things, old ideas or limiting thought patterns or behaviors that no longer serve you in favor of a new and fresh approach to embracing your career. Allowing yourself the freedom to choose and to remain flexible grants you a pass to the head of the line-even if that happens to be the unemployment line.

Change is necessary even when you are being asked to compromise. You may be a fine artist who is asked to illustrate a commercial poster for a billboard, or a program development executive who must translate television content for the phone, or an independent documentary film maker who is asked to shoot a cereal commercial. Either way, we all face challenges where we must remain adaptable in order to reach our highest potential.  Of course, if you are being required to give up on your principles then by all means run. But if you are being asked to change your perspective, approach or style, then it’s okay to go with the flow and to “bend” a little.

In order to succeed in finding your perfect career, it’s sometimes necessary to take un-calculated risks towards your goals.  Sometimes we bend in order to lead and sometimes we bend in order follow. Whichever we choose, we need to trust in the wisdom of our own decisions and follow through with the choice we make.  In your career, there are times when it may be easier to follow than to lead and there is no less nobility in that choice. Sometimes, followers have certain advantages over leaders when it comes to their ability to remain flexible in support of one cause or another. Whether you choose to follow someone else in their career, or choose to create and lead your own, the one thing to always remember is to remain flexible and occasionally be ready and willing to bend.

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