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Movement is the flow of energy in the spirit of your life.  Even if you feel you are moving backwards at times, making any move however slight signals to the world that you are alive and in motion.  So when you feel the slightest lull or a pause in the flow of things you tend to panic thinking that your life is not moving forward or worse that you might die.  Someone one said that they had to keep moving because they were afraid they’d miss something. You might apply that to your career when you find yourself always looking over your shoulder at what the other person might have that may look better.  It’s not that you are a malcontent always searching never finding.  It’s that just maybe sitting with the quiet for a while scares the hell out of you and you’d rather do anything else than be still.

Finding your peace and your voice in the absence of all the noise is not an easy task.  I struggle with being still only to find my mind racing to what the next possible thing to do is on my never ending list of things, struggling to sit still. You might find that with your career choices you’ve been always searching never finding and wondering why when you’ve been on a hundred interviews nothing seems “just right.”  Moving around does not necessarily imply moving forward.  Movement of any kind sometimes is preferred over complete stillness.

When you slow down enough to listen to what the voice in your head is trying to tell you it does not mean you will spiral out of control and into the job abyss. Understanding what you need to do in actionable terms and balancing that against what you need to consider when you are in a more contemplative state does not mean that you are a failure because you are not moving onto the next thing fast enough.  I often find that when things at work slow down somehow I’m being prepared for something bigger that I might not be able to see because I’m too busy moving around and just doing instead of just being.

We all feel some sense of comfort when we are in back to back meetings, flying on planes all month for business or just having a “full plate”.  What we don’t seem to cherish or realize is that the quiet times in our life does not mean that we have fallen off the radar or that we are no longer viewed as important.  What the silence does symbolize is a way for you to slow down, take notice and really focus on what you want out of your life and your career.  Being still helps you to become clear so that you are truly sure of which direction you are traveling and the distractions become less well, distracting.

So next time you find yourself staring aimlessly out the window, don’t immediately jump up and look for something to do, sit with it for awhile and see what bubbles up.  You might be surprised at the inspiration that is just waiting to emerge if you just give it a little room to move.

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