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Like the man in the photo, “SALESMAN, Short, Fat, Bald, Single, Broke, Needs Real Job” you can paint whatever picture you like of yourself that does not mean you will get a job.  How you see yourself and how others see you may mean the difference between getting a “real” job offer and one you make up inside your head.  How you paint your job picture is up to you but realize you get what you put out there like it or not.

When it’s time to sit back and come to terms with your predicament jobless or not, you need to be clear on what you want from your life and your career.  Being honest with yourself is one thing, but beating yourself up over not being where you think you need to be will not help you get from behind the sign you created announcing your jobless condition.  We all want to work.  Work inspires us to be creative, accomplished and secure in our life and in how we care for ourselves and for others.  When you know what you want work comes easily.  When you struggle with self-doubt and recrimination you will forever be floating from one job to another or worse, never settle on any “real job” you think you deserve.

Getting out from behind the sign announcing your failures in life is not as easy as it looks.  We all want to feel protected and even hiding behind self-doubt and insecurity lay some amount of comfort and assurance even if it’s not the kind we long for.  Having the benefit to pick yourself up and start all over again makes you feel like you are moving ahead even if there is no imminent job offer.  Taking a look around you at what others may or may not have also puts some perspective on how you create the picture of yourself that you want others to see. How you see yourself is the same image you put out to others whether you think you are good at hiding the truth or not.

Creating the self-image you want others to see means you have to lose the self-loathing and negative language that gets in the way and helps move past the denial and pain.  Thinking of yourself as a failure whether that means you are “single, bald, broke, fat” etc. feeds the misperception that you are not worthy of employment no matter how “broke” you are.  Others won’t hire you because they pity you.  Others will hire you because they want to be with you and think you can add something better to the equation.  Unless you think better of yourself no matter how small the shift in perception, others won’t think any better of you.

If you want to see a different view of yourself, start by painting a different picture of who you are and who you aspire to become.  If you don’t like what you see what makes you think someone who is in a position to offer you a job will see you any differently?  Start by slowly changing one way you look at yourself and see how it effects the way others see you.  As my mother use to say,  “If you don’t learn to love yourself why do you think anyone else would love you?”  Take one step towards changing the way you see yourself and see how many doors you open with just one smile.

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Jobless: Painting Your Job Picture

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