Need A Career Cleanse?

We all need to detox from one thing or another in life.  Whether you are cleansing your system from years of alcohol, drug or food addictions or you are looking to just rid yourself of the emotional toxins that have built up from years of wear and tear, you may feel the need to cleanse at some point in your life.  One area you might want to consider purging is the emotional and physical drain on your energy and psyche caused by the stresses of work. When your work environment resembles a toxic waste dump, it’s time for a career cleanse.

The simple approach you might think would be to just quit your job and that of course is always an option.  But what if you don’t have the luxury of just up and walking away. How do you purge the very thing that sustains your livelihood yet may be causing you sleepless nights?  Cleansing your career may be as simple as taking inventory of what you do at work and with whom and seeing which aspects of your job you have the ability to change or modify.  Some things might be harder to change like say your boss, but by changing the little things even if they are not the main causes of your stress you may relieve some of the tension even if in the smallest of ways.

Taking inventory means making a list of all the things in your work environment that may cause you stress.  It can be seemingly as insignificant as the lack of light coming from your office or desk and buying a lamp to help shed some light.  Or you might be suffering from back issues and a change in the type of chair you sit in might actually help you adjust your posture better.  Your career cleanse can start with a simple list and you can develop it into a more detailed and comprehensive one that includes career limiting tasks, people or clients that you’d prefer not working with and eliminating job duties that you have outgrown.

Your career-cleanse starts with eliminating situations, people and tasks that you no longer need in your life or that you may have outgrown.  This is by no means a license for insubordination or striking out, it’s just a way to wake you up to what is and what is not working in your career and to make a plan to cleanse what no longer serves you.

Taking stock in what makes you happy, challenged and motivated will give you some encouragement and hope that all is not lost when it comes to your career. You are in charge of what happens to you just like you are in control of what you choose to put in your mouth, so you can either starve yourself literally or begin to find ways that nourish you body, mind and spirit including your career.

When the work is just not working for you, instead of an all out rebellion, try taking small steps to change one thing about your work environment per week and see how slowly some of what may be troubling you gets washed away with the tide of your career change.

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