Restless Ambition

There maybe times in your life when you feel you can’t move fast enough and that you’ll never get to where you want to go no matter how much you sprint.  It’s nice to have so many options rolling around your head but when it comes time to making a move do you know which direction you will take? There are those who procrastinate and find it challenging to make a decision even if it’s about what to have for breakfast in the morning let alone what to do with their career life.  Then there are those that have so many ideas, so many interests that the thought of choosing just one makes them mad!  There are ways to tame your restless ambition even if you are not sure which career is right for you.

Making a plan and sticking to it seems like a good idea when you are fresh out of school and the world is a blank page from which you can write your own story.  Then there is “life” and all that comes up in the course of a day, week, year that forces you to twist and turn with uncertainty and makes you anxious to make a career commitment.  You may have a job you love but hate the pay.  You may make tons of money but hate the work you have chosen to do.  You may long to be an entrepreneur but need to support a family.  You may wish to go it alone but work in a family business.  Whatever your ambition, you need not make the choice a stressful one no matter how restless you are to get ahead.

Managing your ambition is like maintaining self-control when the options, choices and possibilities seem endless or overwhelming. Knowing how to say “No” to what does not work and “Yes” to what feels right is the difference between knowing when too much chocolate is a bad thing. Whether you know what you want or you can’t decide, managing your expectations about the future will help you overcome feeling like the world is rushing ahead without you.

Playing catch-up with your career goals may have you looking over your shoulder at every passing opportunity in hopes of getting a second chance at success. Don’t press the panic button just yet!  If something passes you by it just means it was not right for you.  Becoming anxious over any missed opportunity will not help you get to your career goals any faster.  Being restless about your next move may make you jump into the wrong situation before you’ve had a chance to really think it through.  Moving too fast especially when you have many options to consider may cause you to make an abrupt choice in your next move towards success.

Being restless can work to your advantage in that nothing generates more opportunity for you than when you start to obsessively focus on what you want next from your career move.  Restless does not have to spell reckless when it comes to making a decision about where you want to spend the rest of your career days.

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