It’s Not Love, It’s Business…

Knowing when to love your job vs. leaving it is not an easy decision to make.  Like a marriage that has run its course, your job is like any relationship where you have to invest in it to make it work. Understanding your feelings about your relationship with work, with your boss and with your co-workers will help you create the necessary boundaries in order to remain objective.  Remember, your work relationship is not about love, it’s about business!

Yes, I believe you have to love what you do in order to be truly successful.  When you are just phoning it in you are not doing yourself or your employer any justice.  Loving what you do and who you do it with is as important as making sure you commit to the right partner. When you commit to an employment arrangement you are entering into a relationship where both parties need to feel the love.  If you are not 100% “into” the relationship than you won’t be motivated to make it work no matter how much you love what you do.

Finding and maintaining the right relationship balance means you need to put your needs and wants into perspective without making it personal. After all, it’s business right?  What does that mean when you love what you do but you may not be crazy about whom you are doing it with?

  1. Get Real:  Being realistic about your expectations of others is a good place to start when you decide whether you’ve made the right decision in your working relationship.  You may not always agree and you may feel like you are better off without that other person around, but until you can manage your way around your working relationship and setting the proper boundaries will help you until you can make the right move.
  2. Keep Focused:  Remembering why you said, “Yes” in the first place will help you remain focused on what you love instead of wanting to quit the one you no longer love.  Keeping the work you love front and center while you plan your next move means you are not being unfaithful to yourself or to the work you cherish.
  3. Set Boundaries:  It’s all about understanding where your work life ends and your personal life begins.  Knowing your boss is your boss and not a member of your family helps to keep your perspective in check when the going gets tough at work. You can always quit your boss but it may be harder to quit your parents!

Knowing why you entered into the relationship in the first place will help you make the right decisions about whether you need to stay or move onto new horizons.  Knowing that you can take what you love to do anywhere should make the decision easier for you when it’s time to make a change.  Remember, it’s not love it’s business so save the marriage vows for the one you love not the one you work for!

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