Catching Job Fire….

Like the Hunger Games you might be ready to do battle and fight for your job survival at any cost. But how well you play the game is just as important as whether or not you are in it to win it.   Catching job fire means you are ready to take on your career game for the fight of your life.

Like any good winning champ, you’ve got to first discover what you are really good at and what makes you stand apart from your competition.  Highlighting your skills on a resume is one thing but really being a subject matter expert in your field and showcasing your accomplishments is another.  How do you do that exactly you might ask?  Well, making sure you are seen and not just heard is one way to showcase your talents to the world.

When was the last time you were asked to speak on a panel?  When did you judge a competition in your field?  When were you asked to be a keynote speaker at an industry conference?  Being your own press machine helps you promote your skills and talents to a wider audience than to just your co-workers and to your boss.  It’s good to be recognized by your peers but being acknowledged and revered by your industry is a way to know you are not just well liked but you are loved in return!

When you know what you are good at you can promote your expertise and showcase your knowledge and maybe give back a little something in return.  Even if you are not looking for your next job, realizing that you need to be seen AND heard in order for people to know who you are is important when it’s time to ratchet up your game to the next level.  Your ability to make yourself known for all the right reasons means you are able to traverse your accomplishments and skills to the next level playing field which will set you apart from all the others out there trying to do the same.

You are a master at what you do and knowing how to leverage your skills and highlight your accomplishments beyond your LinkedIn page is what the world of Facebook and Twitter is all about.  Self-promotion is the way to become the lead horse in the race to your career like no other vehicle.  We tend to think promotion is left for product-placement and brand strategy.  But when you start to think of yourself as a brand than you are making a larger connection to showcasing your talents on a whole new level.

Being good at something and getting a raise in title and compensation is one way to catch job fire.  Figuring out how to scale to the highest levels in your field is another way to show off what you have to offer and help others in your field do the same.

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