Ready for a Job Revolution?

… and not the fire and brimstone kind!  A Job Revolution that is caused by the chaos we have all been dealing with whether you have a job now or not, it’s the kind of revolution that causes change. Are you ready to take action, make a change and engage in a Job Revolution?

In order to embrace a Job Revolution, we must be ready and willing to change. Sometimes it’s ok to stir things up and become a “Career Rebel” as one woman put it. The process begins and ends with you.  It’s your choice how you’d like to create the drama in your own life and reach success by harnessing a revolutionary change.  When all things align to create the balance you need, and you are ready to tap your job network, garner support from friends and co-workers and most of all be ready to embrace whatever comes your way, you are ready for a Job Revolution.

Your revolution will begin when you are ready to fill a personal need to change. Whether that need is driven by your ability to support yourself or your family, your unnerving drive and ambition to make millions or your desire to create and be part of something greater than yourself, then you are ready to revolt and change the course of your career.  How strong your conviction and desire for change will dictate the urgency with which you are willing to move to make things happen.  Think of the job you are in now, whether you are a senior talent agent at CAA or a production assistant trying to move up the ranks in a studio, or you have some creative or technical ability and you’ve been looking for the right outlet to explore your talents-now is the time to revolt!  With so many people vying for your job or applying for your job, you’ve got to stir things up and take a stand so you are noticed, desired and the one leading the charge.

This battle cry in a time of chaos is a good thing. It’s ok to get riled up if you are not where you want to be, have exhausted your career options only to wonder, what’s next? All great change in history was derived through chaos and revolt.  A revolution, if directed and focused, has a way to radically change the way you present yourself and your talents to the rest of the world. Revolution is a way to renew your energy and foster the courage it will take to keep pushing through whatever barriers of resistance exist.

Create your own “job revolution” by unleashing a new power  for change that comes from within.   Break the rules in this job market and discover your potential for success. You have to be bold. It’s not enough to stand on ceremony and “office etiquette” when looking to get ahead. You have to discover ways to stand out!   Summoning your strength to be unconventional, daring, unexpected and creative in your approach is the way you grab hold of your career and succeed.  As I read recently, “Even in periods of drought, a wild storm is preferred to yet another sunny day!”  Go out and make your storm and ride your revolutionary wave to success!

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4 thoughts on “Ready for a Job Revolution?

  1. Thank you for writing this piece Lisa. Very inspiring and so well put!
    By Sue Do Recruiting Coordinator at TimeGate Studios

  2. Lisa,

    Great post! You are a true rebel in respect to living a life of purpose and passion. Your work seems to demonstrate that you have the courage to move past the same ole same ole. Your posts are refreshing and inspirational! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight.

    Kind regards,
    Heidi Burkley

  3. Lisa,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful and inspiring commentary. I was so afraid of my decision to leave my present job in spite of the caos all around me. But you’ve given me renewed hope and strength to continue my pursuit of making my career dreams come true.

    All the best,
    Sherry Welland

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