Riding Out The Wave of Fear….

We all have days when all you want is to sail along on calm waters.  The need to rush, think, act and move become overwhelming when all you want to do is float for awhile. There is nothing wrong with floating, drifting and letting the calm tides pull you gently in a new direction. Trusting and letting go is the fastest and easiest way and often, the safest way to get where you want to go. It’s the trusting part that sometimes makes riding out the wave of fear next to impossible.

Trusting in yourself and what you want from your life and your career can be a scary concept.  For one, there is no one to blame if things go wrong.  You have to own your decisions and the consequences that come along with those decisions because you have no one else to blame if things go wrong.  You are solely responsible for your actions and that can be scary.  The choices around your career are not separate events outside your control.  You decide how to dress for an interview, how to carefully craft your resume, which network you should tap  and who to add to your professional reference list. It’s all in your hands.

There is freedom when you gain control over your career and your life. It’s no doubt a scary feeling but it can be filled with personal satisfaction when all goes according to plan. Freedom offers you the ability to call the shots, choose the course and back off when you feel it’s not the right path. The trust you place in yourself is what will help you overcome the fear of the unknown and guide you on your way towards a successful life.

Rejection is another barrier to entry on the path to true liberation from fear. Will they call me for a second interview?  Will I pass the test?  Will they like me?  These are the questions that are confidence crushers in the face of fear. Being crippled in doubt and second-guessing how others will like us is not the way to make friends and influence people.  Understanding and trusting in the process of what it takes to get what you want will. Thinking about polite ways to turn down the job offer before you actually get one is the dangerous game we play of living in our head and not in reality.  It’s your fear of rejection before being offered the job that keeps us out of the game and stuck where we don’t want to be most of the time.  Finding away around this obstacle and remaining focused on your goal, trusting in yourself and listening to what you want are ways to combat the fear before it overcomes you.

It’s easy to get caught in the tide, to drown yourself in fear of rejection, lack of trust and self-doubt but riding out the wave of fear although scary, will lead you to the sweet and salty taste of success on your lips and an exhilarating ride of your life.

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4 thoughts on “Riding Out The Wave of Fear….

  1. I read your “riding out the wave of fear” article and it – I’m not sure if the word is “helped” – but it definitely made me want to get to know you. I’m a recent graduate with the fears you speak of and am definitely having trouble getting a job.

    – david

  2. One of the aspects of fear, and I can tell you this truly, is impatience! At times it seems as though nothing is moving. So, one can take what seems a progressive step, commit, and then what you have striven for, made a prior commitments for, yearned for to comes roaring into focus. Now, however, you’re trapped by what you committed to trying to force visible action.

    The lull may not be the inactivity one thought; patience and preparation usually costs me less than knuckling under to the fear of what seems inactivity on a professional level and acting on it. “Fear is a darkroom where only negatives develop.”

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