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You may feel like you are reaching for the stars every time you set your career intentions or apply for another great job only to be turned down or ignored. It’s not like you are deliberately setting your expectations too high it’s just that you may need to lower your desire to match your expectation.  Just because you set your sights on something does not mean you should not do everything in your power to try to attain it.  Whether it’s a house, a car, a relationship or your next job, knowing what you want is half the battle between where you stand now and moving closer to what you want.

Lowering your desire to match your expectations does not mean you are settling or selling yourself short when it comes to attaining your career goals.  It means that you are setting realistic expectations and are able to manage your expectations against what you know are possible outcomes.  Having desire towards wanting to achieve something is the gas in the car to help you drive you to your next destination.  Expecting you’ll arrive there without gas is setting yourself up for disappointment and regret and an even longer walk to where you want to go.

When it comes to your career choices raising your expectations to match your desire means you are willing to look at what is not working in your job or your search and course correct until you feel you are aligning your expectations with your goals.  When your desire is strong, you have the necessary energy and will to realize any expectation you set for yourself.  Maintaining that level of uninterrupted focus and vision will help you realize your career goals even though you may become discouraged at not moving fast enough towards your goals.

Becoming who you want to be takes work.  No great work of art materializes over night. In order to achieve your own personal greatness you have to continue to visualize your dream job, your next career move with clarity and intention.  Wanting something bad enough is sometimes all it takes to move you from an okay job to your dream job. You will need to be responsive to opportunities and choices that appear in the road to your success and not question every turn with hesitation or fear. Understanding your limitations helps you realize what may be missing in your attempts to create the perfect job opportunity.

Listening to your self and believing you are capable of getting what you want may be all you need to realize your dream job.  Enthusiasm for something is contagious when you have the right attitude and are willing to engage others in helping you realize your goals.  Everyone wants to support a winner and someone they can get behind.  You have what it takes to succeed and raising your job bar to the heights of your desire is not wasting your time when you know what you want and are willing to do what it takes to get it.

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