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Giving thought to what you were put here on earth to do in the long term might hurt your brain too much to think about.  Coasting through the ether however and landing on something you like vs. what you have to do might feel like a more fluid and natural process.  Not everyone loves his or her job.  Some people might actually be good at something that they are really not that into.  Just because you have an aptitude and are successful in a chosen career path, does not mean this is what you were born to do.  Just because you have a job does not mean you are either good at what you do or bad at what you do it really just means you have a job.

Your ability to apply your unique gifts and talents in a meaningful way sets you apart from just having a job to really excelling in your job to becoming successful in your job to really loving your job.  On some level whether you admit it to yourself or not, being good at a job does not mean you love what you are doing.  It may seem like an oxymoron but one does not necessarily equate to the other. There are many folks who do what they do well because they have found a pattern a rhythm a way to do something that suits them.  This does not necessarily mean they love what they are doing.  Being good at something and being in love with something can mean the difference between what floats your boat and what just floats.

Having just a job might be what most people feel they are doing when they drive the long way into work each morning.  Looking for a new challenge and finding a way to make it through the next pay period might be all you need in order to get motivated to get to work each day. But does that make it just a job or a job you love?

You can have your cake and eat it to when it comes to designing the career that suits you. It does not mean you have to settle for something that makes you miserable.  It does mean than you should be able to pick and choose from what makes you thrilled to go to work each day from what makes your stomach turn with anguish.  Your job should not be something you just do to pay the bills as it may be for most.  Your job is something that should make you feel good about your accomplishments, your interpersonal interactions and your ability to learn, grow and contribute as part of the greater good.  Whether you are part of a start up creating the next version of virtual reality or you are an owner of a confection shop, your job should be part of your DNA not motivated by paying your electric bill.

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