1-2-3 Hire Me!

Well it might not be as easy as 1-2-3 but keeping the interview process simple and to the point will likely help you figure out whether you have what it takes to land the perfect job.  Job interviewing like any first time encounter, needs to be direct, clear and to the point if you are going to make your first impression count.  Having a great resume or being referred by someone all help you open the door but what actually makes you walk in and take a seat may be the difference between knowing how to ace your 1-2-3’s.

You only have one shot when it comes to making a good first impression.  There are no makeovers or second chances when you are up for the role of your life.  Not to add pressure, but making a good first impression sets the stage for whether you will be called back to read for the part or likely hear the words, “Next” to give you an idea on where you stand in the interview process.

There are three simple rules to keep in mind anytime you are up for a new job or you are about to interview with someone for the first time:

  1. You Had Me At Hello:  Knowing how well you present yourself may make the first awkward moments of meeting someone knew less clunky.  How firmly you shake someone’s hand, whether you make direct eye contact and how well you hold your physical posture all are signs that you take yourself seriously and others should as well.  The first words you speak and how you address someone new all make a lasting impression when you are making your first introduction.  When you ramble on, fire away too many questions or fall into an awkward silence, you set yourself up for failure before you even begin.  Start by keeping it brief and making a strong first start instead of nervously fumbling over your self.
  2. I Robot:  Having a good script and sticking to it ensures you cover all the basis when it comes to highlighting your background and accomplishments to someone you are meeting for the first time.  Your ability to be relaxed and comfortable when talking about your self is the key to making someone notice you and not feel like you are programmed to answer on command.  Remaining calm, focused and relaxed ensures you are not going to blow a circuit if thrown a curve ball of a question and that you are able to keep up with whatever someone has to throw your way without a serious malfunction or break down.
  3. End It Like Beckman:  Making a good first impression is important but learning to end the meeting with a big finish will help you either seal the deal or kill your chances for ever getting a call back no matter how badly you think you aced the interview.  Having some set responses such as, “What are next steps in the interview process?” or “What is the best way to follow up” or perhaps, “I really enjoyed our conversation what’s the best way for me to get in touch again?” all help you to ease into the next step without sounding desperate or hard up for the job. Remember to make the interviewer feel comfortable and glad they met you and feel like they can’t wait to wash their hands after the meeting.

Learning how to follow up with a prospective job lead whether you are at the beginning or end of the interview process implies you are comfortable with change and new direction and know best how to make the most out of a new introduction even if it does not immediately yield a job offer.  Remember 1-2-3 hire me steps the next time you feel the need to trip over your own words before you even get out of the car for your interview.

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