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I was reading an inspirational message this week that discussed how by making an inventory of our tasks throughout the day, we can specifically identify our talents and skills.   So, I figured I’d give it a shot and began to recount my activities from the day before and slowly began to identify for myself what skills and talents I possessed.

You might try it as well and learn a little more about yourself.  Here’s how my day went:

Time  Activity Talent
8am Dr Appointment Helping Myself and Others
10am Driving Home Ability To Transport Myself and Others
11am Drive to DMV Determination to Resolve Conflict
11:15  Drive home from DMV Inability to deal with bureaucracy
11:30 am Drive back to DMV Persistence and Tenacity
12:00 noon Drive home from DMV Ability to laugh at self thinking I can deal with bureau-crappy
1pm Stuck in Traffic Ability to laugh at others thinking they are going to get there faster than me
2pm Call with new client Resourceful
3pm Answering Emails Good Communicator & Follow through
4pm Help Neighbor Helpful
4pm On Call with Bank Multi-tasking
4:30pm Drive to Meeting Good Driver
5pm Meet for Drinks Good Drinker
6pm Dinner with Friends Socializer
7pm Tell stories at dinner Conversationalist
8pm Pay for dinner Generous
9pm  Drive home Good eye hand coordination
When I run down the list I think I can sum up my skills as #1 humor, #2 ability to juggle a lot in one day, and #3 love to socialize with others.  Growing up an only child I thought I had it good being the center of the attention whether good or bad. But what I realize after doing this list, is that my true skill and talent lies in the ability and the desire to be around and to help people.  I guess helping people find jobs and choose their career path is not a bad way to spend my time. So in the end, I think I am using my skills and talents in the way I was meant to by helping others, although, I do have to admit I am partial to the socializing piece a little too much at times!

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