Happy New Year-Again!

We tend to make all sorts of resolutions come the New Year-as if the rest of the year does not hold the same magic and potential to see our dreams come true. Well, EVERYDAY is a New Day and a New Year-why don’t we celebrate it and rejoice in the same”New”way?

Jobs, careers, money, are on everyone’s mind as we bring in the New Year in hopes that we can erase the last half of 2008 in a hurry.  If you are following the news even moderately, the constant”gloom/doom” scenario we are bombarded with leaves us tired, frustrated and hopeless. It seems we don’t have enough to help ourselves, let alone to help anyone else.
Well, this is my New Year’s resolution-to help you.  Oh don’t worry, I’m helping myself too. I’m focusing on the tremendous opportunity available to help you find a job, launch a career and make the money you need to live an abundant life-that’s not a bad goal????
I launched greenlightobs in what was then described as the worst economy – 2001 where if your company or idea had a “.com” extension you were laughed out of the room.  I obviously missed the joke? Well that fear thankfully passed and we live in a world where technology and the web take front and center in our everyday life like never before.  Post 2001 beget companies like google, YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter need I go on?  Companies who started in dorm rooms, garages, friends bedrooms. Companies who were built on little more than a vision and a need to create and who now make tons of money stimulating the economy where most all other business sectors have failed and least I forget the most important thing, create a TON of jobs.
I like to think, (although analysts predict 2008 and a large part of 2009 will be the worst economy since maybe the Great Depression, with record job losses, higher unemployment, etc) that we will survive this one too.  We might just come out the other side with a whole new “Industrial Revolution,” with the creation of GREEN jobs, economy, businesses, etc and usher in a new world of business opportunities that we can only dream about.

I’m optimistic and opportunistic and you should be too.  This is a time to put “Carpe Diem” in full throttle and venture into unchartered territory.  When everyone else is distracted with their declining 401k balances, interest rates, home foreclosures, and how to get on the Madoff pending class action law suit, we can think, dream and put our hard work and creative thinking to the test.  While everyone is waiting for Obama to bail us out, we can take the initiative and be the inventors of the next google, MySpace YouTube and look around at all that is not working, and find a better, faster, cheaper way to make it work.  This is truly a wonderful, marvelous, opportunity filled time where all you need to do is think, act and realize your creation-and you don’t need a whole lot of money to do that.

So let’s rejoice in the “New” and not pin all our hopes only on the year ahead but in all things new.  Remember, all you have to do is change one thing, even the smallest thing, and it suddenly, magically becomes new.  It really is that simple.

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