What is that I smell burning……

houses in Southern California?  My 401K?  My depreciated house?  Or, is it the job market that everyone keeps telling me is the worst in the history since the Great Depression!   I don’t know, maybe I’m a little optimistic for someone who has been described as a pessimist- but I’m just not feeling it.  I think there are sectors in any market that take it harder on the chin than most. Manufacturing, automotive, retail are taking there fair share this time around. I’m sure others will soon follow.

Still to the surprise of many, there are sectors that are still hiring.  Industries like biotech, digital media, entertainment,  animation, visual arts, and now GREEN!!!! are all areas which, either still have not heard there was a crash in the economy, are clueless, or like me, are just slightly optimistic.
I think there is opportunity wherever you look for it.  With corporate America asking for a handout after many of its senior executives collected million dollar bonuses, I’m certain there is change on the way and hopefully in the form of a much needed HOUSE CLEANING!!  I interpret this as many screaming, “Enough is enough!” and that maybe, just maybe all this change will signal opportunity for the many of those who missed the bailout/handout memo.
Whether you are looking for a relationship with a significant other or a relationship with a  job, you can find almost anything, anytime, anywhere you want.  As a world, we have never been more “global” in our ability to transcend the boundaries of state and country.  It is that perspective that makes me particularly “bullish” about why I believe job opportunities abound anywhere and everywhere and how if you are not afraid of getting a little “charred” in the process of being true to yourself and to what you really want, then anything and everything is possible.  If you are willing to take risks, move for the right job, open up the possibility of pursuing a career in other areas then all of this is a very exciting time.  The job market is HOT and don’t let the fear of slightly rising unemployment make you squeamish about pursuing your own business, applying for great jobs in Dubai or whatever and wherever it is your heart and mind will take you.
In adversity lies opportunity-I’m not sure who said it, I know I didn’t, but I certainly believe it. This is a time when in the face of all that is possible, anything goes-whether it’s corporate America going up in flames, or the best darn career you can possibly imagine, it’s happening now and you should not miss the chance to prove you have what it takes to succeed.  At the very least, the thought of taking down the guy who is taking a million home after asking the government to bail his company out is enough to make you laugh even if you do it from the safety of your bed.

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