If You’re Happy & Unemployed, Clap Your Hands….

Seems these days it’s not such a bad thing to be sitting on your bum, getting a tan, catching up on your reading or any other activity you were meaning to get to and couldn’t because you were over-worked and well, very employed.  It’s not that your lazy by any means.  Having enough time to balance and enjoy all aspects of your life adds to your experience.  So next time someone gives you a dirty look or rolls their eyes because you are still looking for your next job, just smile and clap your hands.

There is a new movement under foot that actually embraces the unemployed and heralds as its motto, “Fun things to do while others are at work” at www.fun-employment.com. Just because you are not “gainfully” employed and may or may not be looking for your next career move doesn’t mean you should be sitting idle and not explore your passions. One woman, a former attorney, who has not worked in over a year, now makes hand-crafted jewelry and teaches homeless woman how to create personal items to sell. Another woman who was an administrative assistant lost her job and decided to develop her passion for writing and hosting parties by creating a blog site dedicated to the topic of entertaining.

Many people during times of transition can either sit it out or give up.  This movement, like many others, tells you that it’s okay to explore the unknown and have a little fun in the meantime. Just because you are in transition does not mean you have to be serious and focused on your job search all day, all the time. It does mean that you should explore your creative passions and activities that perhaps you have been ignoring. Unemployment is a perfect time to tap into that other side of what you love to do and you may be surprised at some of the wonderful things that come out of your transition time.

Tapping into your creative side can be as simple as making a list and asking yourself a few questions to get the process started.

1-What do I love doing that I have not made time for in the past year?

2-How could I make money from what I love to do most?

3-Are there others who share in my interests and are there groups I could join to network?

4-How will I spend my time each day doing the things I love?

5-Even if I did get a job, what could I do to continue working on creating what I love?

Finding your niche, being happy and knowing you are taking one step towards realizing your goal whether that be a full time job or creating a new career. In this time of economic instability, great inventions, innovations and creations emerge. This is a new enlightenment era where you no longer have to follow traditional paths to achieve the success you seek. Knowing and doing what you love will get you there faster than any course you may strategically lay out for yourself.  Having the courage and conviction to embark on this journey is all you need to get going. Remember, it’s not every day you can wake up and the day is yours for the making.  Embrace your unemployment and by all means, have fun.

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