Meaningless Movement

I always marvel at people who find the time every day to spend hours at the gym, in a work out routine that has them bending, pulling, moaning and curling towards some sort of result.  That is not to imply that working out is a time suck but what if all of that movement actually produced something more than tight abs and a firm bicep?  I watched a bunch of stationary cyclists in Manhattan over the holidays under a tent in Times Square, spinning away only to realize all of their efforts were going towards powering the electricity that would allow the Times Square ball to drop at midnight.  I thought, “What if we were able to harness all of the collective man hours of those avid gym-seekers and actually produce “meaningful movement?”

I suppose much can be said for how you choose to power your career?  Floating from one job interview to another, passing out countless resumes and making it a “career to interview,” all seem fruitless if you can’t seem to find or focus on the job or career path that is right for you.  When we move from one direction or one job without meaning, we waste a lot of time, energy and effort that will yield little or no results.  Having a purpose in what you do especially if you spend a lot of time doing it is what will make or break your ability to succeed and garner real results.

Here are a few ways to avoid meaningless movement and make sure your efforts truly pay off:

  1. Be Ready:  Just because everyone is doing it does not mean it’s the right time or place for you.  Like following the herd whether you are graduating and looking for your first job or are employed but have to find a new job, being ready to make the move is as important if not more than actually making the move towards your next career.
  2. Know What You Want:  It’s good to test the waters and see what’s out there but exploring your options without giving a lot of thought to what you truly want from your career is as useless as hours at the gym walking the room and checking out the equipment.  You can look all you want, but eventually you are going to have to choose a career path that’s right for you.
  3. Make It Count:  Going from one interview to the next sure makes it seem like you are making the effort but make sure the jobs you are considering are the right ones for you.  Knowing the company, people and work that truly excites you is as important as accepting the first job offer that comes your way.
  4. Take Your Time:  Rushing through the process only looks like you are making progress but in reality you may be causing more harm than good and defeating the purpose of finding a perfect job.  Thoughtful, deliberate and considerate movement will help you not waste time. By choosing your movements carefully you will focus on what really is important to you.
  5. It’s OK To Say “No”:  Just because something sounds to good to be true chances are it just might be.  It’s okay to say “No” to something or someone that just does not feel right to you.  Honoring yourself in the process by knowing what you want from your next career move and by not accepting anything less is a way to know you are not wasting your time by accepting a job you truly do not want.

Realizing that every step you take is an important one in determining how successful you will be in finding and securing the job that’s right for you.  Wasting time is not an option when you are on a mission to find your perfect career.

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