DeToxing Your Career

We all have things in our life we need to get rid of.  Whether that includes toxic relationships, situations, or clutter we’ve amassed over the years, there comes a time when you need to purge.  Although maybe more difficult, this holds true for those things that no longer work for you in your career.  I’m not suggesting you get up and quit your job but of course, if it does not feel right than it might be time to make a move.  Knowing when to detox your career of work habits, people and a bad environment makes you more likely to move in a positive direction as opposed to setting yourself up to fail when it comes to making the right career choice for you.

Detoxing your career helps you clear the path ahead to make healthy choices that are right for you.  Taking inventory of what people, situations or work habits that no longer work for you helps making the clearing out process easier.  What do you want from your career that you are not currently getting?  Are there people who are not supportive of your efforts?  Does your work environment foster creativity and trust or do you hate to show up to work each day?  Asking yourself these questions helps frame how you feel about your work vs. what you are willing to tolerate which makes the detox process easier.

When you make a concerted effort to eliminate the things in your life that no longer serves your higher potential you are making a very loud and clear statement that you are ready to take care of yourself.  It’s hard to go to work each day not liking or trusting the people you’ve come to know and work with.  Knowing when enough is enough helps you to make the purging possible.

Taking stock of what you’ve got helps you evaluate what you need from what you are able to lose in your detoxing process.  Here are a few areas you can look at when it comes to knowing when it’s time to detox your career:

  1. Feeling What You Want:  Knowing what you want from your career helps you realize what is no longer working.   It’s really simple when you have strong feelings or dislikes don’t easily dismiss it.  This is a sign that in your gut you know what you want from your surroundings including your work environment.  Next time you get that strange feeling don’t ignore it pay attention and let it speak to you and listen to your own advice.
  2. Setting Positive Goals:  Once you know what you don’t want, it’s easier to outline what you do want and start to set goals that will help you create an execution plan to achieve your career objectives.  Setting positive goals keeps you focused on your career while helping you to eliminate the people or situations that no longer move you forward.
  3. Keeping It Clean:  Picking and choosing from the long list of areas in your life that need to be purged may seem overwhelming but keeping it simple and keeping it clean will make you immediately feel the results of your efforts.  Purging your work environment by distancing yourself and protecting yourself from people you work with helps you begin to clear the path.

Not everything in your career life needs to be purged when you are getting ready to make a change.  But knowing the difference between what makes you happy from what does not is a good start in helping you sort through the many choices and will make your detox process more productive.

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