Jobspiration-When the Going Gets Tough…

You know the old expression, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”  Well, these days it might mean you should run!  We are in the midst of tough times, no doubt about that.  We also need all of the inspiration we can get and we are not likely to find it from our immediate surroundings. It’s times like these we are in need of a little inspiration, or in this case it might be a little “jobspiration.”

The idea that we can be our own source of inspiration might be enough to make some of you break out into a sweat. But we need to be able to inspire ourselves, when frankly we can find little inspiration elsewhere.  When the “NO’s” start pouring in and the rejections turn into a daily ritual and you are not sure where the next opportunity will come from let alone an actual job offer, we need to seize these times and take stock that we really are tougher than we think.

How do you make jobspiration work for you?

1) Every time you receive a “NO” to something you really want, think of the alternative.  Creative thinking and problem solving is the key to inspiring yourself into a job and into a career that’s really right for you.  It not only keeps your energy flowing in the right direction, but you automatically inspire yourself with your creative problem solving capabilities.  ‘Cause lets face it, if we are pushed up against a wall, we all know how to push back.

2) Be thoughtful about your approach to others and project how you want to be treated yourself.  No point in playing the blame game when a job offer does not come your way, or you can’t seem to even get your foot in the door for an interview.  Understand there is a time and a direction for everything, including where you’ll ultimately wind up.

3) Keep your options open.  Turn down no offer of employment, meeting, introduction, network, chance to connect on any level.  You never know where your next job offer will come from and these days, it’s not always the traditional approach that will land you your next job.  Think of spontaneity and being open to all possibilities.  Be flexible with yourself and offers will start materializing before you know it.

4) Treat yourself with respect.  Know you are important and deserving and will ultimately attract what you put out.  If you are focused, intent and know exactly what you want, you will get it.  Maybe not in the exact time frame you want, but you will get it nonetheless.

5) Nothing turns my engines on more than hearing words like, “No,” “Not Approved,” “You can’t.” I move into full throttle when obstacles are placed in my path.  Call it a natural fighter instinct, call it survival, we all have it we just need to know what buttons to press to turn it on.  When the road gets tough and road blocks appear to be falling from the sky, you can either run and hide, get hit in the head or run like hell to dodge an impact, moving yourself forward one leap at a time.

Giving yourself permission to be inspired, to allow yourself to tough it out and know that you will come out the other side stronger, wiser and gainfully employed, is all you need to get your jobspiration in full gear and go get the job you really want and you really deserve.

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4 thoughts on “Jobspiration-When the Going Gets Tough…

  1. This is perhaps the most difficult environment for job seekers in history. With the advent of the internet and the ability to submit applications anywhere, the task has become daunting. For Job Seekers and HR Staff.

    To give you an example, I have been actively seeking employment for 14 months. I have had over 1,000 hits on my & profiles, (most notable job boards) during this time. I have also developed my Linked-In profile adding 1 connection per day on average. I have posted my resume on countless job boards as I discover them day after day.

    From all of this effort, I have only been able to interview in-person 25 times. Each time I believe that this is the one, this is the best interview I have ever had, and nothing comes of it. In fact, most of the time, I never hear from them again. I have had lots of phone interviews and I can’t tell you how many recruiter interviews, in-person and by phone. I have had my resume re-written time after time and updated my profiles over and over again.

    The article above gives lots of food for thought and is a good guide. In these difficult times, you have got to keep going, get back up on that horse and run. Run, Run Run and then Run some more. I search every day, every night, holidays, and weekends.

    Never doubt your skills, your experience and keep your chin up. There are more people out there like you than you know. Never give up, never surrender . . .

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