Hold the Vision & Trust the Process…

I’m hearing from more and more people I meet with and interview how difficult it is out there. Particularly during the holidays when you are reminded about a holiday bonus, giving gifts and sharing good times with friends and family.  You may not be in much of a mood to celebrate, but you have to show up, put a smile on your face, and pretend anyway. It’s not that you can’t be a good actor but why do you have to try so hard?  It’s times like these where you have to hold onto the vision and trust that the process will unfold.

Your vision of your perfect job, your successful career, your ability to make money is not a far off pipe dream.  It might feel like it when you can’t seem to build enough traction to move yourself forward let alone your career.  It’s hard to find the trust in something that frankly has not delivered the results you were hoping for.  After all, how long do you have to wait to get your life back on track?  Why is it less than qualified people seem to be in a better position than you are in right now?

Believing in yourself at times like this really is the only course of action you need to take.  Visualizing all that is possible in your perfect world is a powerful motivator to force you to move in the right direction.  I heard recently where the actor Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for $20 million dollars, folded it and put it in his wallet and carried it with him everyday.  Ironically or not, he earned that exact amount of money for his second film. According to Jermaine, when Michael Jackson was growing up, he wrote on the mirror of his bedroom in big letters, that he would be the world’s number one music star.  Holding onto the vision no matter what it is has a powerful effect whether you realize it or not. Never mind worrying about everyone else and how they are doing, focus and trust that you are the number one priority in your job search and trust that doors and opportunities will open for you just when you think you’ve lost all hope.

Think of all the times when you thought, “This is it-I have no job leads, no interviews, no job offers-I’m going to fail!” Just when you thought it was over, bang, someone out of the blue calls you for an assignment, meeting, interview and you are on your way. Think of how often you have been in a place where you remember how good it use to be, where you were in your dream job, making great money and long for a chance to do it over again. So you think, maybe this time I won’t squander my money. Maybe this time I won’t take my job, boss, or position for granted.  Maybe this time. Well, pretend it is “this time” and think very intently on your situation and visualize clearly how you would do it differently if you had to do it over again.

Playing pretend with your goals and your career life is not such a waste of time as you might think. Focusing on yourself and what it is you truly want actually does help bring you closer to your goals even though you might not think so.  We are so busy worrying about lining up the next interview in hopes of a job offer, that we don’t give enough time to letting the process unfold.  Your actions are motivated by your desire and if your desire is to line up interviews, well that’s what you will get a lot of interviews.  If your desire is to find a job to pay the bills, that’s what you’ll get, a job to cover your bills. If your desire is to find a career where you will thrive and flourish and pays you very well, then that is what you will get- perfection.

Holding onto your vision of who and what you want to be when you grow up, whether it’s a recruiter who wants to be a fashion designer, or a sales executive who wants to be an animator or just following the career path you originally chose, will help you materialize your dreams quicker than any single action you could take. Remember affirming the positive aspects in your life is a lot more productive than feeding the negative thoughts that surface.  Go ahead, dream big and watch the doors fly open!

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5 thoughts on “Hold the Vision & Trust the Process…

  1. Great thoughts, Jon Gordon also puts it well : faith = Belief * Action
    You are so right its all about how you want to show up

  2. I don’t normally comment on things but this article spoke to me. Being unemployed for nearly a year now, it gets exhausting “trying” all the time, but keeping focused on what you want and being positive might very well be the answer. The article speaks so profoundly to the jobless and provides some much welcomed inspiration and motivation.

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