The Holidays-A Time to Get To Work…

While most of us are busy getting ready for the holidays, whether that includes traveling to visit family or making plans to entertain friends at home, we might want to make the most of the time we have now and do something a little different, like focus on ourselves. We tend to busy ourselves with plans that usually involve helping and taking care of others. In all that entails, we should remember to take the time and attention to tend to ourselves. If we don’t, we can’t always expect others to jump in and to help out when we need them.

Whether you are secure in your current work situation, or taking a break from your grueling job search, remember that now is the time to reflect on what it is you want and to develop the plans and strategies that will help you to succeed in the coming months. Making excuses that you are too busy, the holidays are upon us you have to much to do, is not productive and will set you behind schedule.  Now is the time to get to work, literally, on the one project that matters most, you.  Okay, if you are really into “To Do” lists, then here’s one that you might find helpful as you tackle your most important project this holiday season-you.

1-Make time to focus on the future.  Take an hour out of your day, preferably right after you wake up in the morning and are refreshed, to visualize your dream job, your dream house, how much money you’ll be making, the success of a professional project, how you look, feel, act.  Play this visualization game as often as you can and really start to feel and believe the future you are about to create.

2-Take time to nurture your physical self.  Whether it’s a long walk, a swim, a run or just stretching your body on the floor of your living room, make the healthy choice to take care of your body the way you do your mind and your soul.  No doubt whether you have a job or are looking for one, you are under a tremendous amount of stress. This is a time to unwind and physically allow the changes to occur.  You can help yourself along by just staying in touch with your physical self and doing things that feel good to you.

3-Make a list of your dream job.  Even if you are in one or are looking for one, take some time and write out what it is you are looking for and what you hope to find in your perfect work situation.  Focus on how your perfect job will make you feel and imagine your day and what you will be able to accomplish if you were truly happy and content in your everyday work life. Knowing what you specifically want is as much a part of finding the perfect job then preparing your resume or rehearsing for a job interview.

4- Make a list of contacts that could help you in your quest for the perfect job.  It might include people not in your immediate “professional” circle.  Think of those people in your life who are successful or who seem to embrace the life that you would like to live if you had the money, time and resources.  Write a a script on how you might ask them for help.  It might include, “I’ve always admired the way you manage your time and the way you seem to attract the right opportunities to you.  How would you suggest I develop those same skills? …”  Go ahead, ask for help, people actually do like extending themselves, or at the very least, they like to hear themselves talk!

5-Create a timeline.  After you have created your “To Do” list, make sure you can measure your success.  Put timelines next to each goal so that you can keep track of your progress towards finding the perfect job. This should not include unrealistic dates, like I’m going to find the perfect job by Monday. You should look to add realistic goals and timelines and not ones that add pressure or you won’t stick to. Remember you are in control and you can change your timelines any time you’d like.

Holidays are a time of reflection and for quieting and slowing down. When you are ready to embark on a big life change, like finding a new job or leaving an old one, you need to slow down almost to a halt before you can switch gears and make forward movement again.  This can be scary but think of the alternative, being stuck when another force comes charging towards you and forces you to change when you are not ready. Being prepared and making time for yourself in the midst of making time for everyone else is the single most important thing you can do for you.  Make the most out of the holidays and get to work on you.

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3 thoughts on “The Holidays-A Time to Get To Work…

  1. Valuable reminders, thanks Lisa. I’m going to do that timeline and program in time for exercise. Self care is an area where I can do a lot of improvement. And I’ll make it a point to ask friends for their help. This life isn’t a solo trip..

  2. Kind of sucks, though, when you’ve done all those things for a year or two, and you still get turned down from every job you apply for. Nice pipe dreams, though.

  3. Lisa, a great perspective on why we need to worry about ourselves. Not only during the holiday season, but I have seen people always worry about others and as a consequence they short-change themselves. I am old enough to know that it isn’t worth it in the long run. We need to watch out for our own good. Thanks for sharing your viewpoints.

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