Slow Down! Next Train Just Ahead……

Fast, fast, fast, that’s how we are being asked to respond, think, move and react to everything from changes to the President’s cabinet choices to the daily ups and downs of the stock market. It does not have to be that way.  We are living in the NOW, not tomorrow, yesterday or some day in the far off future.  We can choose to live in the unknown or live in the moment, both have their advantages, both are by choice.

Living in the now offers us the ability to regroup, assess and plan.  It provides us the ability to dream to envision to create.  We don’t need to make a choice today only to change it based on events, usually out of our control, by tomorrow.  We can take a breath, slow down, think, review and thoughtfully move forward with our choices.  No one has put a gun to your head except possibly you.
If you are wondering whether you should be applying for every job that comes along whether you are qualified for it, desperate for it, or someone told you to, STOP!  You don’t have to make any decisions.  You are in control of everything and everyone in your life.  It’s for real.  There is no need to feel pressured, shoved, prodded into doing anything or being anyone you do not feel comfortable with just because someone told you to.  Whether the voices are real or imaginary we can choose whether or not to listen and whether or not a response, NOW is necessary.  We are here to choose what we want, when we want it, and that is a tremendous gift in our ability to live and breath in the NOW.
Not sure when the next train is coming?   That’s ok.  Slow down, sit in the sun, read a book and wait-because there is always another one coming and it’s usually better than the first one.

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