Have You Cracked?

In a world where all you seem to be doing is working on finding your next job or wondering when your next job will find you, the pressure you place on yourself can be all consuming.  Taking time to recognize your efforts and giving yourself a much needed break from all of the worry, doubt, activity and anticipation is as important to your sanity as whether you accept the next job offer or not.  Don’t feel you have to rush to the finish line every second of every day and consider yourself a failure if you are not obsessing about the success or failure of your job search efforts. When you feel like you are about to “crack” take a break, take a breath and relax.

Knowing when and how to pace yourself when you are in the midst of change is crucial in order for you to focus and be successful.  Finding time in your day, whether you are employed or not to relax, kick back and reflect is not such a bad thing.  Taking time for you is about nurturing the part of you that needs support and encouragement. Sometimes kicking back and doing nothing is good for the soul. Knowing when to take a step back and understand that your job success is not measured by how many interviews have in a given week or by how many resumes you send out.  Your job success is a reflection of your journey and the inevitable progress you make towards that end- one day at a time.

When you become overwhelmed with needing to get a job, or get a raise or secure a consulting assignment you lose focus on the long term picture and get caught up in the moment.  The “rush” you feel when you move towards your goal, although exhilarating at first, if sustained without relief will inevitably lead to burn out and fatigue. Knowing yourself well enough to know when you need a break from the intensity of finding a job is a valuable skill you should not underestimate.  You are the master of your own schedule.  You are not a slacker if you are not working 150% even if it means you are not pulling down a paycheck at the moment.

Understanding that in order to truly succeed in your job search and make the best informed decision about your next job offer, you must have a clear and calm mindset. When you make any decisions while you are mired in fear, doubt or worry will ultimately lead you to make poor choices.  In a time where every minute counts, having enough down time to relax so you can exercise the right choices is important.

The next time you feel you are underachieving in your job search, think about the last time you made a decision while you were feeling stressed and remember, you don’t want to regret your next job because you were too burnt out to realize it might not have been the perfect fit.  Take time, trust, relax, enjoy the process and know that when you are feeling calm, focused and confident you will know when the right job offer appears and you will be ready to make the change.

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